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8 Easy Team Morale Boosters

June 2, 2022
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We all know the advantages of working from home. Some of our favourites: sleeping in until 8:59. Browsing Reddit without repercussion. Access to our own personal washroom. (The list goes on and on.)

But for all the good there is to be gained, there are certain setbacks from this type of professional setting. Namely, how do you keep your team connected and positively impact morale? Video calls are a huge boon, but that can’t be all there is. If you’re looking for ways to keep in touch, reconnect with your team and boost employee morale, consider these simple methods. 

1. Plan a Remote Team Lunch

Remember the days when we’d argue over which restaurant we should go to? Yeah, those were good times. With so many food delivery services at our disposal, it’s never been easier to coordinate remote team lunches. But rather than order from one restaurant, each person can pick a menu of their choosing (that’s the beauty of delivery). Just make sure to provide everyone with an allowance. There’s nothing worse than being stuck with the bill!

2. Share Your Favourite Funny Content

The internet is good for two things. Working remotely and sharing memes. That’s a bit simplistic, but you get the idea. If you’re looking to bring the team together over something other than work, create a space where people can share their favourite funny content. From comics to wise cracks, wholesome memes to fail videos, you’re bound to put a smile on someone’s face.

3. Breathe Some Life into that Boring Email

Unless you’re sending something super-important (say, a progress report to your CEO or an external stakeholder), there’s no reason why you can’t jazz up that otherwise dull email. Go crazy. Attach a funny cartoon. Use an inappropriate amount of emojis. Sign off with a bizarre email signature. Just so long as it’s fun!

4. Schedule a Crazy Sweater Day

Think ugly Christmas sweaters but in the middle of March. Most everyone’s got some weird thing they’re too embarrassed to wear normally. Put your team’s fashion sense to the test and get ready for a laugh.

5. Go Big in the Betting Department

Care to make things interesting? Even the most sports-averse person will get excited when there’s a little money on the line. If you’ve got some risk takers on your team, kick it up a notch with some low-stakes wagers.

6. Hold a Daily Stand Up

Daily stand ups are a great way to get everyone on the same page, whether that be work-related or otherwise. And like any casual get together, they’re also a great time to have some fun. If you’re looking to boost team morale, save the work talk for later and just shoot the breeze.

7. Schedule a Lunchtime Viewing Party

Looking for something to do while you’re eating lunch that isn’t work related? Have the whole team throw on a show and watch collectively while you eat. While you’re at it, get a team chat going where people can post funny comments on anything that comes to mind. 

8. Take Screenshots During Virtual Meetings

No one is safe when the camera is on. Yawning, itching or frozen faces are all a great opportunity to have a little fun and snap a screenshot. It’s not mean if everyone’s in on the joke. 

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