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Amazon Benefits That Keep Employees Engaged

August 11, 2022
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Amazon employee benefits are among the best in the world. The corporate giant employs around 1.3 million people globally, with approximately 950 thousand people employed in the United States alone. That means that 1 in every 53 workers in the U.S is an Amazon employee. 

With a workforce that big, there is no wonder that Amazon has to bring a competitive edge to its employee benefits. The company has some of the most well-known employee perks to keep its workforce engaged and attract new talent globally. 

While some of these benefits are only available to full-time employees, the company also has various benefits for part-time and seasonal employees. 

In this article, we look at the top Amazon benefits that keep employees committed to the company.

Top Amazon Employee Benefits That Keep Its Workers Engaged

Amazon offers a range of fantastic perks to employees and their family members, including domestic partners and children. In addition to this, it also has a starting pay of $15 per hour—more than double the statutory minimum wage. 

These competitive benefits kick in on the first day of employment. Amazon has some of the top perks that employees actually want. It also has a good balance of perks versus benefits.

1. Healthcare

Amazon employees have the option of choosing a healthcare plan that suits them and their eligible beneficiaries. These plans cover various aspects of medical care, including general medical expenses, prescription drugs, and optometrist and dental cover. 

They also have flexible spending accounts. This means using tax-free dollars to pay for many of their out-of-pocket medical expenses. Allowed expenses include insurance copayments and deductibles, qualified prescription drugs, insulin, and medical devices.

The Health Savings plan includes both employee and employer contributions. Simply put, this means that both the employees and Amazon themselves contribute to the employee’s medical insurance.

Employees also have free access to Amazon Health Centers that offer a range of health-related services, although this varies based on location. These benefits also include a free medical advice line for medical queries. 

As part of Amazon Care, employees can consult with nurses through virtual clinics. However, this benefit is only available to employees and their families in Washington state. 

Employees also have access to paid time off, holidays, and medical accommodations for mental or physical health problems.

2. Parental Benefits

Upon the birth or adoption of a child, Amazon offers a range of fully paid Maternity and Parental Leave options. The company provides a unique Leave Share program that allows employees to share any amount of parental leave with their partners. 

Amazon benefits also include a flexible return-to-work program called Ramp Back. The options on this program are available to parents who have reached at least one year of continuous service by the date of the child's birth or adoption placement.

And, as part of its adoption assistance program, Amazon offers assistance with attorney fees, court costs, and travel expenses.

Amazon also offers its employees free access to numerous professional caregivers, including babysitters, nannies, and special needs caregivers. In addition to these childcare services, there are discounts available to employees at specific daycare centers. 

The company also offers free resources and care services for parents of children with autism, ADHD, and developmental disabilities. Its Rethink Benefits initiative aims to help children with autism, and other developmental disabilities develop the skills they need to achieve their full potential. 

3. Financial Security And Support

By earning industry-leading wages and other benefits, Amazon employees can create successful futures for themselves and reach their financial goals. 

In addition to fair pay, employees can invest in company stock, hold 401(k) plans with 50% company matching, and get paid life and accident insurance. There are also Amazon services for financial counseling and estate planning, plus short-term and long-term disability benefits.

On any Amazon holidays, including Thanksgiving, Christmas, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, and New Year's Day, employees earn overtime rates for working.

Employees also receive an annual discount on products sold and shipped by Amazon. And through the issuing and vesting of Restricted Stock Units, they can become shareholders in the company. 

Amazon is always looking for innovative methods to give its employees various opportunities for financial ownership.

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4. Support Network

Amazon commits to providing support benefits to workers free of charge to make their lives a little easier. Amazon's free Employee Assistance Program offers 24/7 confidential help, resources, and referrals for all aspects of work and personal life. 

The company provides online resources for parents whose children have developmental challenges, as well as referrals to, and aid for, child and elder care assistance.

5. Career Choice Program

Through its competitive Amazon perks program, the company has made a name for itself as a top and sought-after employer.  

Part of this is the Amazon Career Choice Program, which provides unique opportunities for hourly workers. If any employee wants to study and further their career, the program covers 95% of the cost of tuition, textbooks, and related expenses. It allows the employee to concentrate on their education rather than on the significant costs involved in career progression. 

Employees can gain in-demand skills for future vocations such as medical technicians, paralegals, robotics engineers, and solar panel installers- all through Career Choice.

6. Amazon Extras Program 

Amazon Extras is a marketplace where Amazon Associates can save money on a variety of items and services. This includes digital devices like cell phone plans, entertainment packages, vacations, and even car insurance.

Amazon employees can also save money with the Extras Program every year. The most popular program offers include discounts on hotels, entertainment tickets, and savings on their car and home insurance. They can also save on the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price on a new car. 

Although the program is for exclusive use by Amazon employees, they can make purchases on behalf of their friends and relatives. 

Final Thoughts

Amazon cares for its employees and aims to enrich their lives both inside and outside of the workplace. They have competitive benefits similar to those enjoyed by other tech companies’ employees, such as Google and Tesla

With Amazon’s amazing perks, it’s easy to see why it has some of the most loyal and enthusiastic employees in the world. 

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