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AT&T Benefits That Employees Love The Most

August 11, 2022
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Is your startup gearing up to rub shoulders with the biggest telecommunication companies in the world? If so, you might want to take a look at the benefits AT&T uses to attract and retain its most valuable employees.

So, what can we learn from AT&T and how they treat their staff?

Six AT&T Benefits That Attract Top Talent 

1. Great Employee Discounts

People love getting fantastic discounts. AT&T offers its employees between 25% and 50% discounts on wireless services and products. These perks include discounts on some of the latest cellphones on the market. 

Employees get to enjoy discounted DirectTV, Wi-Fi and fiber internet, electronics, and even gym memberships. Qualifying employees also get 50% off their monthly phone bill and receive discounts on live events, movies, or theme park tickets.

AT&T calls this initiative their Active Employee Discount program, and it’s easily one of the company’s top employee perks.

2. Employee Education

Telecommunication is a fast-paced, close-knit industry. Every couple of months the industry faces new technologies, updates, and new engineering challenges. To keep employees at the top of their game, AT&T offers some excellent in-house training and educational programs.

Engineers specifically get the chance to attend conferences for learning new technologies. AT&T also encourages an open work environment where engineers can collaborate with people in other departments such as Search, Traffic, or Advertising to gain new insights and learn critical skills.

3. Comprehensive Retirement Savings Plan

AT&T provides its employees with some of the most comprehensive retirement savings plans we’ve seen. Depending on the employee’s role, various retirement plans are available, including profit-sharing and union-endorsed Bargained Cash Balance plans. 

From craft to sales and management, there’s a range of plans to help employees plan for their golden years.

4. Well-deserved Breaks

Employees cited AT&T’s paid time off as one of the most significant benefits of working for the company. Comparably found that more than 30% of respondents ranked it as the top corporate benefit. 

Depending on their position at AT&T, the company typically offers employees between 20 and 30 days paid leave every year. This time off is significantly higher than the industry standard, which sits around 10 to 20 days of paid time off.

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5. Open Office Culture

In 2020, AT&T was inducted into the DiversityInc Hall of Fame. During this prestigious event, AT&T was presented an award for its inclusive and diverse corporate culture.

The culture at AT&T is open, inclusive, and promotes diversity. Regardless of an employee’s background, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or gender identity, AT&T strives to make the workspace safe and inclusive. 

The company also gives employees access to several support groups, such as Women of AT&T, which promotes equality, and League at AT&T, which focuses on making the workplace a welcoming home to its LGBTQ+ employees.  

6. Consistent Wage Increases

Consistent wage increases are another one of the top corporate AT&T benefits that employees love. Static raises are given, depending on the role, every 6 to 12 months. 

Since the raise is static and recurring, employees don’t have to worry about what the next year might bring. This peace of mind goes a long way to building a healthy corporate culture.

Planned, consistent increases keep talent in-house. Often, employees leave purely because they’re looking for an increased income. Retaining employees by consistently upping wages saves having to recruit and train new employees to fill the role. 

Final Thoughts

AT&T is ranked up with other big companies, such as Frontier Communications, Windstream, Sprint, and Vodafone, in terms of employee satisfaction. It stays ahead of the competition by offering employees great perks and benefits that aren’t frequently seen in the industry.

The parks and corporate benefits that AT&T offers their employees like education and in-house training, help to keep employees loyal to the company. This loyalty is paramount in such a competitive industry.

If you want your company to attract top talent and retain them for years to come, the key lies in offering employees training, exciting discounts, and consistency.

The best way to find out which perks candidates are looking for is to ask them. Check out the Top 10 Work Perks Employees Actually Want to find out more.

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