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AXOMO Review For Employee Swag Management

September 15, 2023
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If you want to reward your employees with top-quality swag for their hard work and loyalty, AXOMO is one of the options to consider. AXOMO is a popular solution for employee swag needs, from caps and coffee mugs to backpacks and office supplies. 

You get to design, produce, and ship branded gear made to your specifications. But how exactly does it work, and is company swag really something your company needs? We explore the main features, as well as the pros and cons, in this AXOMO review for employee swag management.


AXOMO’s concept is simple. It enables you to design and oversee branded merchandise representing your business or organization. You can use these items as employees’ rewards and recognition perks or set up a store for your employees to treat themselves to some company swag.

This offers you three very distinct benefits. 

  1. Supplying your staff with swag increases employee engagement with practical items that drive home your appreciation for their hard work. 


  1. Whether you gift the items or the employees themselves choose them, the swag offers marketing possibilities. It puts your company name or logo out there to be seen by everyone on items like golf shirts, baseball caps, backpacks, and more.

  1. It’s important to show remote employees appreciation, too, as they can easily feel disconnected from company culture. Company swag gifts can be shipped to remote employees, making them feel like they’re a valued part of the team.

In this way, AXOMO benefits both the business and its hard working employees. And you’ll enjoy these benefits regardless of your company’s size or whether you follow a traditional, remote, or hybrid work model.  

Main Features

The main focus of the AXOMO platform is the production and management of your own catalog of company swag merchandise. There are countless products to choose from that you can customize with your brand.

Custom Swag Boxes & Branded Gear

AXOMO allows you to customize swag boxes and apply your brand and personalized design to high-quality gear. This can be your company name, slogan, or logo. 

Employees gifted with company swag as a reward may choose what appeals most to them. Or, of course, you could decide on what the item should be. The choice is up to you.

Dashboard & Analytics

An AXOMO subscription includes unlimited catalog items, a logo manager, a user-friendly dashboard, and useful data analytics. You’ll be able to track the top-selling swag items, and least popular items, with ease. User feedback is also available to guide your choices for your next employee recognition gifts. 


Warehouse storage is an optional extra, allowing you to store your branded stock items, welcome boxes, and even pamphlets. Stock counts and usage history are constantly updated so you can keep track of what’s selling the fastest. And AXOMO’s low-inventory alerts let you know when to reorder items. 

Note: This option is not covered in AXOMO free trials. However, the free trial does cover most features.

Shipped To Recipients

Once your chosen swag is ready, AXOMO ships the items to the designated recipients. The great thing about company swag is it makes everyone feel like a part of the team. 

This makes it ideal for remote workers too, whose distance from the company can make it difficult to connect with work colleagues and the company culture.


Membership to AXOMO’s Professional Plan starts at $149 / month (this includes 50 users). They have different pricing structures for nonprofits, K-12 Groups, and small businesses with fewer members. They also offer a 30-day free trial.

Pros And Cons

Like any other rewards and recognition program, AXOMO has its pros and cons.


  • Very large inventory of products to choose from
  • Company swag made to your specifications
  • Production and shipping all taken care of
  • Optional extras like warehouse storage
  • A free trial is also available


  • Once employees have collected a few company swag items, they may feel like a change of pace. There’s only so much swag one wants or needs.
  • No physical gift options 
  • No gift card options
  • Platform can be confusing to navigate

Who Is AXOMO Best For?

AXOMO is a great tool for creating a cohesive company culture with your own customized company swag. Branded gear makes employees feel included, which is essential for enhancing engagement. 

One can’t deny the marketing possibilities, either. Branded gear is a clever marketing tool. By gifting employees with apparel branded with the company name and/or logo, they become ambassadors for your business.

So, everyone from a small startup wanting to put their name out there to a large company with many remote workers will find this employee swag management platform useful.

Final Thoughts

AXOMO offers custom swag production and management for businesses. You stay in control by giving them the design you need to be replicated, but they take care of the production and shipping. Your employees can buy company swag on the platform, or you can choose gifts for them.

Company swag offers many advantages, but at PerkUp, we offer perks employees really want - sweet treats, cash card rewards, and recognition packages across many categories, including lifestyle, wellness, entertainment, education, and more. We also offer premium swag options including items such as:   

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