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Best Sendoso Competitors & Alternatives For Employee Gifting

August 17, 2023
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Looking to boost your business relationships and strengthen your brand recognition? A great way to start is by sending your customers unique corporate gifts! A survey found that 83% of customers felt more connected to a company after receiving a corporate gift from them. 

Sendoso may have come to mind when you were considering which corporate gifting platform to choose. But we want you to have options and choose the right platform for your company. In this article, we cover seven of the best Sendoso competitors you can use. 

What Is Sendoso?

Sendoso is a popular platform that helps businesses send gifts and rewards to their corporate connections. Although mainly used for customer gifting, businesses can also use Sendoso to gift their employees and prospects. It’s a good option if you’re looking for a meaningful way to foster strong corporate bonds by showing them appreciation.  

With Sendoso, you can:

  • Consult with a specialized team of creative curators to brainstorm, source and order your items
  • Select from a wide range of eGifts, physical gifts, branded merchandise, and virtual experiences
  • Curate packages of 2-10 eGifts and let your recipients pick their favorite 
  • Send personalized, handwritten messages on your branded merchandise
  • Sit back and relax while Sendoso manages the entire sending process, including storage, inventory, packing and shipping
  • Integrate with your CRM, marketing automation, and sales engagement tools such as Salesforce, Outreach, Hubspot, Chrome, Amazon and more to automate and streamline your sending process
  • Evaluate the impact and ROI of your gifting campaigns with intelligent analytics and reports that measure response times, pipeline generations, meeting bookings, and customer retention

Overall, Sendoso will help you craft unique and customized gifting campaigns. While you can use it to send gifts and rewards to your employees, it is mainly used as a customer gifting platform. 

Using Sendoso to gift your clients will foster customer loyalty and increase retention. This will not only boost your company’s ROI and brand recognition, but also make your clients feel connected to your brand on a personal level.

For more information, check out our full Sendoso Review where we go through its key features, pros and cons, and more.

What To Look For In An Employee Gifting Program

With so many options on the market, it can be daunting to choose the right gifting program for your business. You’ll want a platform that makes employee gifting as easy and convenient as possible. To ensure your potential platform is effective, efficient, and enjoyable, look out for these key features: 

Gift Variety

The best corporate gifting programs offer a wide range of gifts to choose from. You’ll want to be able to choose from physical gifts, branded merchandise, eGifts, virtual experiences, and even philanthropy options.

Gifting programs with a wide variety of options allow you to choose gifts that fit your budget, brand, and your employees’ preferences.

Ease Of Use

When choosing a corporate gifting platform, you’ll want to make sure it’s easy to use. Look for a platform with a simple and intuitive interface for both you and your recipients.

The ideal platform should allow for the easy customization and personalization of gifts. This will help you tailor the gifts to both your brand identity and your recipients’ preferences. 

A corporate gifting platform that is easy to navigate ensures a pleasant experience for everyone involved.


You already have systems and tools you use daily, and you don’t want your gifting platform to affect how your business runs. So, you need to choose one that will work with your existing systems.

The best programs integrate into systems like HR, payroll, and performance management platforms. When you integrate, you can automate and streamline your sending process and avoid manual errors and delays.

Integration will make it easy to sync your data and track your gifting campaigns across different platforms.


A gift will only serve its purpose if delivered on time, securely, and in good condition. That’s why it’s best to choose a corporate gifting program that offers different delivery options. These include email, mail, or courier. 

Also, make sure your program sends you notifications before, during, and after delivery. 

Don’t forget to ensure your gifts comply with the laws and regulations of their final destinations to avoid stress and delays.


If you have questions about your sending needs, you’ll need excellent customer support from your gifting program. Look for a platform that offers good support so that you can easily get in touch if you have any questions or need help with the platform. 

Our Top 7 Picks For Sendoso Alternatives

You already know about Sendoso, but there are so many great alternatives you could consider for your company’s gifting needs. Here are our top seven Sendoso competitors:

1. PerkUp

PerkUp is the best Sendoso alternative for gifting employees. Whether you are welcoming a new hire, celebrating the festive season, or incentivizing great performance – PerkUp has you covered. 

The platform empowers employees and HR Managers to select from a curated catalog of over 1000 gift products, with the option to send branded swag to almost anywhere in the world. You can also empower employees with the choice to redeem rewards anywhere Visa is accepted through spot rewards. 

From Quickbooks to Workday, Square, Bob, Zenefits, ADP and more, PerkUp integrates with various solutions your company uses for a seamless process. 

PerkUp also integrates with Slack, Okta, and other Single Sign-On (SSO) solutions to streamline your workflows and make rewarding employees easier. 

Other PerkUp features include: 

  • Automate recurring events like birthdays, work anniversaries and holidays to ensure you never miss an important day 
  • Make gifting and rewards special by including personalized messages and custom themes.
  • Distribute custom swag and merchandise to employees in over 130 countries for new hires, milestones, and more. Or, set up a swag store for any employee to access and choose from 1,000+ gift options.

2. SnackNation

SnackNation allows you to deliver healthy and delicious snacks to your employees. You can choose from a curated selection of snacks from over 5,000 vendors, ensuring quality and variety for even the pickiest employees. SnackNation is a good Sendoso alternative if you want to send your employees food gifts.

The office snack box comes with 150 customizable snacks, including cookies, snack bars, jerky, sweets, and chips. 

The gifting process is easy. Pick a box, select the snacks to gift your teams, add the destination, and wait for SnackNation to ship your package. 

Here are some more Snacknation features: 

  • With a user-friendly interface, you can send snack boxes in a few clicks
  • Recipient choice - set a budget and let your employees pick from a catalog of premium corporate gifts
  • Send your employees collections of eGifts based on different themes, including wellness, productivity, or gratitude
  • Gift all your employees, from in-office to remote workers
  • You can use SnackNation to engage your employees further through quizzes 

Want to find out more about SnackNation? Check out our full SnackNation review where we breakdown the key features of the platform and its pros and cons.

3. PraisePal

PraisePal is a platform that enables you to send personalized and meaningful praise to your employees. It is a good alternative to Sendoso that will encourage your employees to keep up their hard work. 

You can send recognition messages via Slack or Teams, and your employees will earn points for every praise message they receive. They can then use these points to redeem rewards like gift cards, donations, or experiences.

PraisePal helps you create a culture of recognition in your team, by posting all the praise messages on a public feed. This way, everyone can see and celebrate their colleagues’ achievements. 

PraisePal features include: 

  • A wide variety of digital praise options, such as e-cards, videos, and social media shoutouts, to suit different occasions and preferences
  • Customize your praise with a personal message, or use one of the templates provided 
  • Schedule your praise to be sent at a specific time or date, or set up recurring praise for birthdays, anniversaries, or milestones
  • Integrates with popular tools like Slack, Microsoft Teams, Gmail, Outlook, Salesforce, HubSpot, and Zapier, to send and receive praise directly from your workflow
  • Track the impact of your praise on employee engagement, retention, and productivity using the PraisePal dashboard

4. GiftPack

Another great Sendoso competitor is GiftPack. With this gifting program, you can send corporate gifts to employees and customers in a few clicks. 

GiftPack integrates with hundreds of tools you may already use, including Asana, Norton, MailChimp, Salesforce, HubSpot, and Pipedrive. With these integrations, you’ll always have your employee details and progress at hand. GiftPack also connects with Shopify, to streamline the process of choosing gifts. 

Here are more GiftPack features: 

  • GiftPack uses AI to analyze the recipient’s profile and preferences and suggest the best gift options
  • Allows you to gift company swag to motivate employees and market your brand
  • Diverse gift catalog, from vouchers and experiences to physical goods
  • CRM and communication integration
  • Real-time tracking and reporting on the gifting performance

Looking to learn more about GiftPack? Check out our complete GiftPack review for everything you need to know about the platform (features, pros, cons, and more).

5. Snappy 

Snappy is a corporate gifting program that lets you send personalized and engaging gifts. You can choose from various gift collections that suit any occasion, budget, or recipient. Snappy Gifts provides a unique and fun gifting experience that boosts morale, loyalty, and retention.

Your employees can pick the gifts that suit their tastes, so you’ll never have to worry about sending an unsuitable gift. You can also connect Snappy with your existing HR platforms and tools.

Here are more features: 

  • Pick from a range of virtual experiences like cooking classes, wine tastings, yoga sessions, and more
  • Snappy Gifts integrates with CRM and communication tools, including Salesforce, HubSpot, Slack, and Zoom, which automates and streamlines the gifting process
  • You can set up recurring gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, milestones, and holidays
  • Track and measure the impact of your gifting drive
  • Gift employees in over 150 countries

If you think Snappy might be the right platform for your company needs, check out our full Snappy Gifts Review first so that you can make a more informed decision. 

6. Alyce

Alyce is a B2B platform that helps you accelerate business growth and boost employee morale with unique gifts. This corporate gifting platform uses AI to help you send personalized and thoughtful gifts to your employees and prospects. 

Alyce also lets you measure the influence and ROI of your gifting drives and integrates with various CRM and communication tools.

Other features include: 

  • Personalized gift invites for all employees 
  • Employees can choose their gifts
  • Address verification
  • Integration with CRM tools and communication tools
  • Gift tracking and analytics from an advanced dashboard

7. Giftogram

Giftogram is a digital platform that allows businesses to send customizable e-gift cards to customers, clients, and employees. Recipients can redeem their gift cards at over 200 retailers in categories that range from apparel and electronics to groceries and home decor.

Giftogram’s customizable reward catalog means there’ll be something for everyone. Sending e-gift cards is a great way to eliminate the worry of sending an unsuitable gift. 

With a user-friendly interface, Giftogram is designed to simplify the corporate gifting process. 

More features include: 

  • Set budgets for different departments, teams, and individual employees
  • You can assign different levels of access to different team members
  • Send gifts in bulk in a few clicks by uploading a list of email addresses
  • Automate gifting for recurring occasions like birthdays and holidays
  • With Giftogram, you only pay the face value of the gift card (no hidden fees)

You can find out more in our full Giftogram review where we cover its main features and pros and cons. 

Final Thoughts

When choosing a corporate gifting program, keep in mind these important factors. Look for a platform that offers a diverse range of gift options, an easy-to-use interface, seamless integration with your existing systems, and excellent customer service. 

Sendoso excels at helping businesses form strong relationships with their customers. Gifting your loyal customers will boost your company’s ROI and brand recognition. 

But if your goal is to reward your employees for their hard work and milestones, perhaps one of our alternatives will be a better fit. When you appreciate your employees, they perform better, which will be the cornerstone of your brand’s success. 

If you’re looking for an employee rewards platform that streamlines workflows and automatically sends gifts to your employees on their special days, try PerkUp. Our diverse catalog of 1000+ gifts includes physical gifts, cash rewards and branded swag. We’ll help you choose the right gift for every budget and occasion.

Book a demo today to see how PerkUp can work for you.

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