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Snappy Gifts Review For Employee Recognition: Features, Pros, and Cons, & More

August 8, 2023
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Snappy is a gift-giving service that specializes in employee recognition. Gift-giving is one of the oldest ways to show appreciation. Gifting employees boosts morale, cultivates a culture of self-improvement, and fosters employee happiness. 

With a wide range of customizable gift options, Snappy Gifts makes it easy to recognize and reward hard-working employees for a job well done. The platform is easy to use and allows employers to choose from various pre-curated employee gifts. 

If you’re considering using Snappy Gifts and want to learn more about the platform, we’ve got you covered. This Snappy review outlines Snappy's main features and its pros and cons so that you can decide whether it’s the right employee recognition solution for your company. 

An Overview Of Snappy Gifts

The Snappy gifting system syncs employee data to allow for more accurate gift-giving from both mobile and desktop. It sends pre-chosen gifts as virtual scratch cards, which employees receive via text or email. The employees can accept or swap these gifts, after which the employer will receive an email with a purchase request. 

Snappy Gifts Main Features

Automated Rewards Program

Snappy lets employers automate their employee reward programs. The automated rewards feature lets you set up your recognition program for recurring occasions like corporate holidays on autopilot. This saves you the hassle of logging into a platform and selecting a gift for each employee on different occasions.


You can customize gifts and experiences with personal messaging and company branding. Additionally, you can do some gift reveals and choose various gift collections to make your employees’ experiences more memorable. 

The Snappy Gift Studio supports several creative ways to do gift reveals. You can customize these gift reveals with company colors or the recipient’s favorite colors. Alternatively, you can add a personalized message or a creative video greeting. 

Gift Activity Tracking

Snappy has a Gift Activity page that gives an overview of all gifts sent from your account. You can see the dates the gifts were sent, who has received their gifts, and each gift’s budget. This page also shows you all thank-you notes and how your gifting campaigns are performing. 

Gift Selections

This tool accommodates various budgets and allows employers to give gifts to employees from top retailers like Amazon and Best Buy. Professional curators pick these gifts based on a gift trend algorithm. This means that you can find gifts for any occasion and budget.

Budget Control

Snappy has excellent budget control capabilities. While most gift-giving platforms allow you to pay as you go, this platform lets you set a budget before you begin. This enables you to commit to a specific budget. Staying in control of your budget is made easier by the platform’s dashboard as it tracks spending. 


Snappy's pricing models are favorable for small businesses and large enterprises alike. It has three pricing tiers:

  • Essential: This is the most basic pricing tier, and it is free, so you only pay for the gifts that employees claim. This tier sends gifts to 38 countries and lets recipients pick gifts from curated collections at any budget. It allows unlimited users, personalized messaging with your logo and greeting, and automated gift-giving for various occasions.
  • Elevated: This next tier costs $999, billed annually. It includes everything in Essential and more. You can send gifts to over 200 countries, include a branded digital unwrapping experience, and integrate it with more than 30 HR systems. This tier also lets you send branded swag with no inventory commitment.
  • Enterprise: Snappy gives a custom quote for its highest tier. It includes everything in Elevated and more like API access for automation and custom workflows, a gifting program with a designated onboarding team, and creating bespoke branded kits.

Pros And Cons Of Snappy Gifts

Snappy Gifts has its advantages and pitfalls. Here are the pros and cons of using this gift-giving platform to recognize employees.


✅ Personalized gift-giving: Snappy removes the guesswork from gift-giving. The platform keeps your employee list up-to-date with essential data such as age, gender, location, and preferences. This data allows you to give more meaningful gifts than impersonal gift cards. 

✅ Expert curation: The platform has professional gift curators who handpick fresh and exciting gifts. These curators rely on deep industry experience and a proprietary algorithm to pick top-trending gifts. This ensures that you only give in-style gifts to your employees.

✅ Social responsibility: Snappy partners with companies that focus on social responsibility and sustainability. The platform features donation options, local sourcing, sustainable business collection, and a monthly program that features minority businesses, which you can buy from. 

✅ Thank-you notes: Recipients can send thank-you notes to let senders know that they have received and appreciate the gifts. 


❌ Not SOC 2 Certified: A major downside of Snappy is that it’s not SOC 2 certified, meaning that it doesn’t follow strict security standards when it comes to customer data. 

❌ Individual gifts: When sending individual gifts to team members for their birthday, for example, you must start a campaign named Individual Gifts. If you fail to start an Individual Gifts campaign, the platform will create a new campaign every time you send a gift.

❌ Countries: The free version of Snappy only serves 38 countries, which can lock out small teams and businesses that operate in other countries. 

❌ Under-detailed invoices: You may find that Snappy invoices are not detailed enough as they don’t show the employees you’re being billed for. 

❌ No gift cards: Snappy doesn’t offer the option to send gift cards that recipients could use to purchase something they truly want or need. 

❌ No company swag store: You can’t create your own company swag store with Snappy where you can stock inventory of company-branded items.

Final Thoughts

Snappy Gifts is a comprehensive recognition and rewards platform that helps businesses recognize employees quickly and efficiently. It features various customizable options, expertly curated gifts, social responsibility initiatives, and thank-you notes.

However, the platform has limits regarding the countries served, its gifting options (you can’t send gift cards), and its swag offering. You can’t create and manage your own company swag store so employees have to order swag items on-demand. Lastly, the pricing tiers with more features are quite expensive, so it may not be the right option for small and medium-sized businesses. 

If you're looking for a stellar employee gifting platform, try PerkUp. Our platform automates gift giving, lets you create branded swag stores, provides free shipping on 400+ on-demand products, and integrates with multiple apps and HR systems.

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