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Top 20 Thoughtful Christmas Gifts For Office Staff

August 8, 2023
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With the festive season approaching, it’s time for employers to get their thinking caps on. What’s your plan of action around Christmas gifts for office staff? The occasion presents the perfect opportunity to build a solid work culture and show your team some appreciation by handing out thoughtful gifts. 

But gift giving can be nerve-wracking, especially when you have more than a handful of employees, each with their individual tastes. Luckily, with this list of thoughtful Christmas presents for office staff, you’re bound to find something that matches every personality type in your office. 

How Do You Celebrate Your Staff Over The Holidays?

Christmas celebrations can take many different forms in the workplace and are easily personalized to fit your company’s flexibility.. The advantage of this is that you can find a way to kickstart the season within budget. Keep the festivities low-key, or make them as extravagant as suits you!

Many companies take their employees out to lunch or host a party at the office. But there are other ideas too - you can send your team Christmas cards, write Christmas messages, host a games day, celebrate virtually, take the team out on an experience, do a charity drive, and of course, give gifts. 

Why Are Employee Holiday Gifts Important?

Besides the fact that every human being enjoys being appreciated, there are very real reasons you should take office gift giving seriously. 

In general, employee happiness, productivity, and engagement can be closely linked to receiving rewards. In fact, a staggering 80% of employees agree that receiving gifts helped improve their working relationship with their company. 

When employees have good interpersonal relationships with their colleagues, especially management, they are much more likely to be productive and engaged in their work. 

Engaged staff will be motivated to be successful in their roles, leading to more completed work, higher quality work, and ultimately more profit. 

Gift giving also makes staff feel seen. When you take the time to get a gift for your employee, you show them that you appreciate their work. Employees who feel their work is important and appreciated are likelier to have a positive attitude toward management and the company mission. 

Another add-on is positive company culture. Creating a comfortable, productive, and positive environment will significantly impact every team member, including you. 

With so much time spent at work, why not make sure it is an enjoyable experience? 

What Makes For A Thoughtful Christmas Gift?

When choosing gifts for your office staff, you will want to make sure it’s thoughtful and exciting. To do so, here are some things to consider when choosing your Christmas gifts for office staff. 

It’s Appropriate

Make sure the gift you provide your staff is appropriate. While your goal is to build better relationships with employees, keep in mind you still employ them. With that power comes the responsibility to create a comfortable environment, which also applies to gift giving. 

It’s also essential not to favor one employee above others. If you overspend on one team member, you might think you are rewarding them and fostering healthy competition in the workplace. However, it could have the opposite effect and alienate the recipient, creating resentment among other employees. 

If you decide to spend more on certain individuals, ensure they are higher ranking or in management roles. The more extravagant gift giving will make sense to the team and provide an incentive to work toward better positions in the company. 

It’s Personalized

Choosing gifts that match the recipients’ personalities is a must. If you have members on your team who love makeup and fashion, don’t get them tech gadgets, for example.  

With a more sizeable team, this might be more difficult, but not impossible. You can send out a survey asking employees about their interests or have HR do some legwork uncovering peoples’ likes and dislikes. 

This doesn’t have to be an in-depth survey about every aspect of their lives—just a brief overview to get a general idea of their interests and hobbies. 

It Creates a Positive and Memorable Experience

Everyone loves receiving gifts. Ensure your top holiday gifts for employees meet the criteria of generating a feel-good space that the team will remember for years to come. The goal is to have everyone ride a wave of positive emotions at work to create a happy bonding experience. 

How Much Should You Spend On Your Employees For Christmas?

There’s no right answer to this question as it depends on your unique circumstances. 

Many companies spend anywhere from $25 to $75 on Christmas gifts for staff members. The rule of thumb is if you buy one person a gift in the $50 range, stick to this for the others. 

As mentioned above, more expensive gifts are okay for higher-ranking company members. Just make sure it is reasonable and equal among similar ranked individuals. 

If you were wondering about tax and gift giving, we have a guide on which employee gifts are taxable.

20 Thoughtful Christmas Gifts For Office Staff

Now that you know the ins and outs of Christmas gifts for office staff, let's get to our list of the best holiday gifts for employees! Remember to have fun with your Christmas shopping and think of this as an easy way to get to know your team and show them appreciation. 

1. Crystal Whiskey Glasses Set with 2 Coasters ($25)

Upgrade your employee’s liquor cabinet with this premium whiskey glass and coaster set. The 310ml elegant glass is perfect for their favorite whiskey and is highly sturdy to withstand time and use.

The glasses come in a beautiful collectors box and make for an eye-catching, old-world centerpiece. The recipient can throw out their regular glass sets and give their whiskey the respect it deserves with these special pieces. 

This set also comes with two Aberdeen Oak coasters, both beautifully designed and a perfect complement to any bar top. 

2. DEUX To-Go Variety Pack ($45)

Let your employees take their favorite cookie flavors wherever they go with the DEUX To-Go variety pack. 

A favorite on Shark Tank, the DEUX cookie dough comes in 4 oz jars. Just take the dough from the jar, roll it, flatten it, and bake it at 350F for 8-9 minutes for a tasty Christmas treat. 

To make this deal even sweeter, DEUX cookie dough is vegan, gluten-free, high in plant collagen, and has vitamin D and zinc in it. Delicious and immune boosting. What more could you ask for in a suitable gift? 

3. Nespresso 50 Count Ispirazione Variety Pack (Medium & Dark Roast Espresso) ($39)

The Nespresso Capsules Original Line contains 50 capsules of the brand’s best-sellers. 

Your employees can enjoy the rich and varied taste of Capriccio, Ispirazione Roma, Ispirazione Firenze Arpeggio, Ispirazione Genova Livanto, and Ispirazione Ristretto. There’s a taste to suit everyone from a milder and more fruity coffee to the deeper Ristretto.

4. Amazon Echo Dot ($50)

Every Christmas party needs music to get it going. Expand your employee’s Alexa ecosystem with the Amazon Echo Dot. 

This 4th generation Echo can attach to their home network through Bluetooth and Wifi connectivity and connect their home. The onboard Alexa voice controls let the user control various smart functions like real-time weather reports, traffic reports, and music playlists. 

The Amazon Echo also features an impressive sound system with crisp vocals and full bass to liven up any small space. Your employee can stream from major streaming services, including Amazon, Spotify, and YouTube Music. 

The Echo was designed with privacy in mind. Unless the light ring is activated by the signature “Alexa” call, there’s no need to worry about privacy breaches. It’s a must-have for tech enthusiasts hoping to create an integrated smart home environment. 

5. LUSH Garden Party Gift Set ($32)

After a busy year at work, nothing beats a Christmas care package, especially one curated by Lush. The Garden Party Gift set is perfect for any skincare or spa lover and features three of Lush’s most popular products, all wrapped gorgeously. 

The Garden Party Gift set is perfect for floral scent lovers with a penchant for showers and baths, especially after a long day at work. With scents like rose, honey, and lavender, this set promises to create a relaxing atmosphere that will soothe the person’s skin and soul. 

6. Rohm Portable White Noise Machine ($30)

Everyone knows a good day at work starts with a good night's rest. And what better way to ensure employees get the shut-eye they need in the festive season and beyond than with the Rohm Portable White Noise Machine?

With Rohm, users can choose from three soothing sounds: bright white noise, deep white noise, or gentle surf. With quality sound and sensitive volume control, the person can customize it to their needs for optimal relaxation. 

With its portable design, your employees can take Rohm on camping trips or weekends away. Enable the gift recipient to rejuvenate their body and calm their mind no matter their location with Rohm’s Portable White Noise Machine. 

7. SnackMagic Sweet Tooth Box ($50)

SnackMagic Sweet Tooth Boxes are the perfect Christmas gifts for office staff who love a delectable selection of treats. The Sweet Tooth Box comes with 14 to 25 items, each guaranteed to delight.  

The products in the package are determined by availability, adding an element of surprise to the experience. From crazy yummy chocolates to weird jellies and everything in between, this is the ultimate gift basket of Christmas treats.  

8. Swanky Badger Appreciation Gift Box ($100)

The Swanky Badger Appreciation Gift box is, as the name suggests, the perfect appreciation gift that you can personalize for the recipient. 

You can custom engrave the Birch Plywood Cigar Box with the gift recipient’s initials. You can also place a custom message on the inside or on top of the wooden lid. 

Inside, your employee will find a gorgeous stainless steel hip flask, a stainless steel flask funnel, a personalized split leather bifold wallet, and a notepad and pen. 

Elegant, rich, and personalized, this gift will stand out for its personal touch. 

9. The Hampton Popcorn Company Classic Gift Basket ($50)

Gift an office member the sweet taste of The Hampton Popcorn Company’s Classic Gift Basket. With the chocolate caramel sea salt crunch popcorn, neon sour worms, gummy bears, and Belgian milk chocolate bars, they are sure to enjoy the sweet taste and cute look of this tasty gift basket. 

10. Belkin 37W USB Type C PPS PD Dual Port Wall Phone Charger ($30)

The Belkin charger is an office must-have, especially as phone companies migrate to type c charging ports and fast charging capabilities. 

With the Belkin Dual Port Wall Phone Charger, employees can simultaneously charge two devices without worrying about dragging power from one of the devices.

The PPS technology will adapt to their device and only charge it with the wattage it needs. The compact design makes it easy for home or office use, and the sleek look means it won’t be an eyesore to look at. 

11. Lulu’s Garden Birthday Verdant Garden ($58)

Spruce up the office with Lulu’s Garden Birthday Verdant Garden. A thoughtful gift sure to brighten up any home or office space, this small succulent box is one of the best Christmas gifts for office staff. 

The succulent box measures 11 x 5 inches and contains three cute medium-sized succulent plants that are easy to keep alive with a small water dropper. Watch this small but thoughtful gift bring a touch of joy and nature into the office space. 

12. STIL The Planner Addict ($45)

The Planner Addict sets are the perfect Christmas gifts for team members with a penchant for day-to-day planning. The Planner Addict set is simple yet elegant and comes with a notebook, work stickers, a fantastic pen, and a small task pad. 

The Addict Planner can also be personalized by monogramming your gift recipient's initials on the front. Stylish, simple, and useful, the Planner Addict Set is a great office gift for individuals who enjoy ticking off their to-do lists. 

13. Ordinary Habit Enchanted Puzzle by EurekartStudio ($40)

Encourage your team to reset and reconnect with the Ordinary Habit Enchanted Puzzle. A robust puzzle of 500 pieces, it is sure to keep them calm and busy for a while. The puzzle theme ‘Wish Upon A Shooting Star’ serves as a gentle reminder to take a break, disconnect, and enjoy the stars. 

The puzzle comes in a box with a magnetic lid and a drawstring bag for safekeeping. Perfect for anybody looking to relax or overcome an overwhelming work day, the Enchanted Puzzle makes for a sweet office gift. 

14. Otherland Nectar Pop ($36)

The Otherland Nectar Pop candle is part of the Beach Club Candle collection. It’s a bright, fun, and sunny candle that brings beach parties, tropical paradise, and relaxation to mind. With over 50 hours of burn time, the recipient is sure to enjoy every second of this Mango Candle. 

Otherland candles feature cotton wicks, and the coconut and soy wax is hand poured in the USA. The candles are also vegan and free of harmful chemicals. Fun to look at and delicious to smell, this candle is a sure winner among candle lovers!

15. Furhaven Furniture Cover for Dogs and Cats - Waterproof Quilted Twill ($35)

The Furhaven Furniture Cover is the perfect Christmas gift for any animal moms or dads in the office. This cover is sized to cover standard mattress sizes and features a waterproof core for any bedwetting fur babies. The brushed polyester surface is easy to clean and is gentle on soft noses and soft paws. 

The blanket material will stay in place and not be moved by even the most excited paw scratching. Employees can use this machine washable cover on beds, furniture, or car seats for maximum protection. 

16. Google Nest Mini (2nd Generation) with Google Assistant ($50)

The Google Nest is perfect for any office music and tech lovers. 

With integrated Bluetooth, Wifi, and voice recognition, the Google nest is easy to use and connects to the rest of the recipient’s smart home appliances without hassle. They simply call “Hey Google” and play their favorite Spotify and YouTube Music tunes or search for an interesting fact. 

The Google Nest uses far-field recognition and Google Assistant for lightning-quick recognition and response. The small design is also perfect for any spot in the user’s home. With its sleek look and compact design, this small but powerful Nest will enhance the home environment.

17. Linden Square The Savor ($69)

The Linden Square Savor gift set is a perfect festive gift set for employees. The Savor features rosemary crackers from The Fine Cheese Company, cabernet pepper jam from Three Little Figs, tupelo honey from Capital Bee Company, and a gold spreader knife. 

All the above items come packaged in Linden Square's signature keepsake box and are finished with a gorgeous satin ribbon. The package also has a customized note that adds a personal touch to an already amazing gift. 

18. Pacifier Board Book Bundle ($38)

If you have any new parents in the office, the Board Book Bundle will make for a thoughtful gift they can take home and share with the kiddos. 

With Baby’s First Eames, I Thought I Saw A Lion, I Want My Hat Back, and Grumpy Monkey, parents and children can enjoy four new bedtime stories from amazing contemporary children’s book authors. 

This bundle was put together with four of Pacifier's best-selling books and is sure to be a winner with any young family. 

19. Bambüsi Cheese Board and Knife Set ($70)

The Bambüsi Cheese Board and Knife set features a classy design that will impress your recipient’s friends and family members. While the board is elegant and a winner in itself, the true highlight is the inner drawer. 

Inside, the recipient will find bamboo cheese knives, labeling slates, a marker, a wine opener, and a unique carrying bag. Its quality build materials and sturdy design means the person won’t have to worry about rowdy party guests causing cracks or damage.

20. Carnivore Club Classic Box ($55)

The Carnivore Club Classic Box will make the perfect Christmas gift if you have meat lovers in the office. 

With the Classic box, the person will access four to six exclusive cured types of meat. From delicious salami to prosciuttos to bacon, this box features delectable meats you won’t find in any grocery store. 

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Bonus Gift: PerkUp Rewards Card

No Christmas gift works quite as well as letting employees choose their gift. And with PerkUp rewards cards, you can do so easily. With PerkUp rewards, you can load a specific monetary value onto the rewards card or credit the card with various gifts from specific vendors. 

If you choose to load a dollar amount, employees can use the card anywhere that accepts Visa payments. They can then spend it with their preferred vendor, be it to buy Christmas lunch or an item they’ve had their eye on. 

Final Thoughts

Christmas is a time to celebrate. In the work context, you’re celebrating your team and all they have achieved over the year. Giving out thoughtful Christmas gifts for office staff sets a tone ahead of the festive season and goes a long way in showing your appreciation for their efforts over time. 

We hope that with this list of the best thoughtful Christmas gifts for office staff, you won’t have problems finding something special for every team member.

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