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The Only Guusto Review You Need (Pros, Cons, Features & More)

August 11, 2023
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Need a rewards and recognition system that is known for its great functionality and wide range of value-added features? Then you may be considering Guusto. 

Guusto is a top-performing rewards app in customer loyalty and employee recognition. Its user-friendly format supports various mobile devices. But is it all it’s made out to be? Will it deliver the results that your company needs from a recognition, rewards, or loyalty program?

Research into rewards and recognition has shown that they boost company culture and employee engagement and increase employee retention. But to get the most out of your chosen rewards platform, it must be the right fit for your unique needs. 

Find out all you need to know - the pros, cons, features, and more - in this Guusto review.

About Guusto

Guusto offers employers the opportunity to reward their loyal and hardworking employees with a gift card. It can be given to them in recognition of their efforts in the company or to celebrate important dates and events. 

Guusto is also multilingual - it operates in English, French, and Spanish. And for the additional convenience of multi-channel use, users can access the Guusto rewards platform on various mobile devices like Android, iPhone, and iPad. Guusto works where you work, even while you’re on the move.

Guusto is a flexible rewards program with no minimums and markups. It doesn’t rely on a points system, either. For even more functionality, Guusto also integrates with the popular workplace collaboration hub, Microsoft Teams.

Guusto also aims to make a positive impact on the world through its partnership with the One Drop Foundation. A day's worth of clean drinking water for one person works out to about 10 cents or less. This is why for every Guusto gift sent, a 10-cent donation is made to One Drop to provide disadvantaged communities worldwide with access to clean drinking water. 

Main Features

Notifications And Alerts

Don’t let important dates and milestones slip below the radar. Set your rewards alerts and notifications so you never miss an important date or opportunity for engagement. This way, you’ll always give recognition where and when it is due.

Management-To Employee And Peer-To-Peer Recognition 

Guusto allows management to show appreciation for staff for hard work, meeting sales targets, or outstanding performance on specific campaigns. Employees can also show appreciation for their colleagues and teammates. 

Recognition Rewards Tracking 

If you’re managing a large amount of staff, remembering who was awarded what can become confusing. That’s where the Guusto platforms’ clear and simple layout comes to the fore.

Keep track of your recognition rewards allocation, and you’ll stay on top of your employee rewards goals. It’s easy with the Guusto platform’s tracking capabilities. 

Real-Time Analytics

When you know what’s working and what isn’t, it allows you to improve and streamline your rewards system. Guusto’s real-time analytics provide deeper insights into the popularity and use of your rewards. 

Get a feel for what your staff responds to for guidance in future recognition strategies. The reporting feature also gives insight into the frequency of peer-to-peer rewards and encouraging messages, which will speak volumes about the workplace culture.

Versatile Enough For All Occasions

You’ll likely have more than one aim with your rewards program. It may encompass celebrating company milestones, rewarding customer loyalty, showing loyal employees recognition as “employee of the month,” or offering morale-boosting spot rewards for top-performing staff. 

You can use Guusto for any of these purposes. Employees can redeem rewards for a wide range of items, including gift cards from various locations worldwide, branded company merchandise, charity donations, and even personalized rewards.

Choose Between E-Cards And Gift Cards

Some occasions call for small gifts, whereas for others, a few words of encouragement or praise will suffice. But whatever the situation, you’ll be able to manage both scenarios with ease by using a thoughtful e-card or exciting gift cards when appropriate. 


There’s no setup fee, and a free trial and a free version are available. Guusto pricing includes an Essential subscription fee of $2.25 per user per month and a Premium subscription fee of $3.50 per user per month. 

The cost of gifts will differ as you set the amount you want to allocate to virtual gift cards.

Guusto Pros And Cons

Every rewards program has pros and cons, so what have we learned about the Guusto experience?


  • Guusto’s overall functionality and service are good
  • The platform is easy to use
  • They offer good value for the price
  • Unclaimed rewards can be credited back


  • The process for redeeming rewards is a bit confusing
  • Gift selection is limited to gift cards
  • Lack of participating stores in small towns or rural areas
  • Global accessibility could be improved

Who Is Guusto Best For?

Guusto is an ideal platform for employers, HR professionals, and businesses that value employee satisfaction and aim to cultivate a culture of appreciation and motivation. However, Guusto is not slanted to corporate gifting alone; personal gifting is possible. 

Final Thoughts

Guusto offers digital rewards, employee recognition, and engagement. It covers various gift cards from top vendors, available in differing dollar amounts. The user-friendly platform makes encouraging and gifting staff and colleagues simple and is favored by medium to large businesses. 

But if you’re looking for a great Guusto alternative, why not try PerkUp? PerkUp is a leading employee gifting platform trusted by management and HR teams at top companies, proven to drive employee engagement by allowing companies to send awesome gifts and rewards to their employees around the world. They trust us to deliver the rewards that employees really want and that they’re free to choose themselves.

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