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Ultimate List Of Companies With the Best Perks for Employees

August 2, 2023
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Do you want your company to be a great place to work? Are you looking for some of the best and easiest ways to retain or even attract the top talent in your industry? 

You’ve come to the right place. Today, we’ll be looking at the ultimate list of companies with the best perks and benefits for employees. If you learn from these movers and shakers, you too can make your company one of the best places to work at. 

This Is Why Perks and Benefits Matter

Perks and benefits have a significant impact on employee retention and engagement. Today, they attract the best employees. According to a Glassdoor report, an overwhelming 57% of people claim that they look at the benefits and perks available when considering a job offer.

It’s not just employees that benefit, though. The perfect benefits package can save your company a considerable amount of money. With fewer funds going into recruitment and endless onboarding sessions, your bottom line will quickly improve and grow.

In short, employers and employees can both benefit from a well-planned incentive package. 

How We Ranked The Top Companies With The Best Perks

Ranking the top companies with the best perks and benefits wasn’t an easy task. We had to do a lot of research to find the best companies with benefits and perks that matter to their employees. At the end of the day, we started seeing a pattern taking shape.

The best perks and benefits were often those that looked after the employees in one way or another. Some of the most loved benefits and perks seem to be competitive 401k retirement plans, comprehensive medical insurance, and excellent support for young families. 

Underneath the essential care-orientated perks came the quality-of-life perks, such as free lunch, travel stipends, and unlimited coffee. Our ultimate list only has companies that offer a wide range of benefits to its employees, making it clear why they are all considered industry leaders.

Our list, in no way, ranks the companies from the best to the worst. Everybody has different values and needs, so doing so would’ve made our list very subjective. 

Instead, our top list shows how each business leads its industry by approaching employee perks and benefits differently. 

Let’s look at the ultimate list of companies that have mastered the art of providing corporate benefits and perks that make them some of the best places to work.

1. Airbnb Does It Best With Variety

A 2019 Global Brand Health Report by Hired ranked Airbnb the highest regarding their Brand Positivity Index. It’s clear why Airbnb scored so high. No doubt, their excellent range contributed to this healthy score.

Airbnb is an industry leader, and they manage to retain and entice employees with some of the best benefits. Some of the perks and benefits that Airbnb offers their employees are:

  • Generous parental and family leave
  • Comprehensive healthcare plans
  • Ample paid time off

Airbnb also believes in empowering its existing workforce. They offer employees fantastic learning and development opportunities. Employees participating in these programs have higher self-esteem and end up being more competent. 

This investment in their current workforce helps ensure that the company has some of the industry’s best employees. It also provides the workforce with a tangible sense of advancement and growth that fosters a deep loyalty towards the company.

2. Tesla Believes In Employee Education

Next on the list of companies with the best perks is Tesla. Airbnb isn’t the only top company that views education and further development as essential for keeping employees engaged and happy. Elon Musk once said that if a company doesn’t have more skill than its competitors, it will die. 

Today, Tesla goes out of its way to offer employees top-notch training. Doing this ensures that the company has a constant, competitive edge over its competitors. It also provides employees with a clear career path with achievable goals. 

Some of the other fantastic perks and benefits Tesla employees enjoy are:

  • Excellent employee discounts on Tesla merch and products
  • Healthcare and great disability cover
  • Great wellness and paid time off

We find that Tesla is one of only a handful of businesses that offer their employees unlimited paid time off. That’s right, unlimited PTO. Despite popular belief, this benefit is hardly ever abused

This benefit breeds trust, loyalty, and even responsibility among employees. Tesla, however, isn’t the only one that’s reaping the benefits of building strong, healthy relationships with its employees.

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3. Visa Cares About The Community

Like Tesla, our next company also firmly advocates healthy, socially responsible relationships. It seems like Visa is doing it right. Today they have a roster of more than 10,000 global employees across 200 different countries. 

Visa empowers its employees by providing them with perks and benefits focused on social responsibility, leadership, and welfare. Their strategy seems to be paying off as they are consistently ranked as one of the best employers in the financial industry.

Visa manages to retain some of the best talents in the financial industry by offering employees corporate benefits, such as:

  • A matching donation program
  • Paid time off and cash incentives for volunteering
  • Several education and empowerment programs

This philanthropic approach to doing business goes a long way to creating an open, responsible culture. There are several other corporate perks when working at Visa, but employees love the community-focused attitude their employer has adopted.

Yet, we find that community welfare benefits aren’t the only enticing benefit to retain your employees and improve their productivity and loyalty.

4. Bloomberg Cares About Employee Health

There’s no doubt that Bloomberg looks after its employees’ health and wellbeing, earning them a position on the list of companies with the best perks. They’ve even launched their much-loved BWELL program. This program, along with several others, promotes a healthy lifestyle that nurtures the mind and the body.

By offering employees comprehensive healthcare and several wellbeing programs, Bloomberg has reduced the frequency of days employees take sick leave. Doing this also resulted in a healthier, better-feeling workforce that performs at its best. The financial benefits to the company are also clear to see.

While healthcare is a top priority at Bloomberg, we find that it isn’t the only incredible benefit that they provide their employees with. Bloomberg is also well-known for:

  • Unlimited, free meals
  • Pretty impressive life insurance
  • Family care that matters

Bloomberg’s approach to employee wellbeing has paid dividends. Their employees are happier, experience less stress, and can entirely focus on their careers. With these benefits, it’s easy to see why the company is one of the top-ranked employers in the United States.

5. AT&T Believes In Fostering Diversity

Our next top company with some of the best perks for employees isn’t new, yet they believe in doing things differently. AT&T offers their employees all the regular package benefits alongside perks that encourage a diverse and open workplace.

In 2020, the DiversityInc Hall of Fame awarded AT&T for its efforts in creating an inclusive and diverse corporate culture. We find that AT&T offers employees various support and development programs to ease talented minorities into the company. 

AT&T is also lauded for its women’s support group. This group ensures that women get an equal opportunity to excel in their careers. Some other corporate benefits that help employees perform at their best are:

  • Consistent wage increases
  • A comprehensive retirement savings plan
  • Handy employee discounts on mobile devices and more

AT&T believes that employees should be judged on their skills and performance, not by ethnicity, gender, or cultural background. By creating an open, welcoming workplace environment, AT&T has attracted some of the industry’s best tech minds.

They retain their top talent by ensuring that employees are treated to some of the best corporate benefits and perks around. Everybody is welcome in the AT&T family.

6. Facebook Has A Family-First Approach

Facebook has long been one of the companies with the best perks; read, best companies to work for. This year they won the Comparably award for offering the best perks and benefits to their employees.

Since Mark Zuckerberg is a parent and considers family a priority, it’s not a surprise that Facebook has adopted a family-first approach. This approach has defined the wider package that they offer their employees.

New parents can expect up to four months of paid time off. To further help new families, the company also pays employees a $4,000 bonus when they have a newborn. 

Those aren’t the only perks of working at Facebook, though. Some of the other much-loved benefits are:

  • A fantastic wellness allowance
  • On-site arcade, jam-packed with games to blow off steam
  • Comprehensive housing and healthcare plans

We find that these types of benefits and perks are great for boosting employee morale. The increased confidence helps workers to feel more loyal towards their employer. 

This loyalty is essential when you plan to retain and invest in your workforce. Not only does it save the company some expensive recruitment and training costs, but it gives employees a sense of belonging.

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7. X (Formerly Known as Twitter) Believes In Giving Employees Freedom

Twitter, or as of 2023 "X", is probably one of the first employers that adopted a work from home forever policy. Twitter’s CEO, Linda Yaccarino, believes that his employees should have the freedom to work from anywhere they like.

Not only does this policy make employees happier, but it’s also saved the company quite a considerable amount of money. Today, Twitter offers employees an additional $1,200 to use for phone bill reimbursement, tuition reimbursement and more to sweeten the deal.

Employees working from home haven’t impacted productivity negatively. Instead, this benefit increased productivity across all departments that had it. This is why Twitter will be keeping this benefit for the foreseeable future.

There are also plenty of other benefits that improve employee productivity. In this Comparably report, since 2005, when Twitter was founded, their perks and benefits have remained consistently attractive. 

Twitter employees point out that some of the best benefits and perks are:

  • Health insurance with gym memberships and reimbursements, as well as a Health Savings Account (HSA)
  • Great maternity and paternity leave, up to 20 weeks
  • A healthy work-life balance with volunteer time off, free snacks and lunch, and more

Since 2014, Twitter has constantly remained in the top ten list of favoured employers. They are unafraid of innovating and trying fresh, daring approaches to retain their top talent. This fearless approach is working for them, and today, "X" or "Twitter" has some of the most talented employees.

8. Google Keeps It Fresh and Young With Attitude

Just like Twitter, Google is also not afraid of innovating and experimenting. They’re well known for their out-of-the-box thinking and have more than earned their title in the list of companies with the best perks. 

We find that Google creates a college culture at their office. Employees get free workshops and courses, ranging from cooking to workout and dance. Celebrity appearances are also quite common, and employees are invited to fun-filled Q&A sessions with famous folks from all over. 

It’s not all about fun and learning at Google, though. The company also offers some profound and impressive benefits to its employees. Some of these include:

  • Comprehensive death benefit and life insurance
  • Fantastic family assistance, from adoption to surrogacy programs
  • A welcome work from home policy

Today, Google is one of the most-loved employers globally. Employees also approve of Sundar Pichai, the current CEO of Google. They scored him an overwhelming 84 out of 100

We’re sure that the extraordinary and competitive benefits Google offers have a lot to do with ensuring that the employees are happy and approve of top management. 

This happiness also makes the employees great brand ambassadors that have a strong loyalty towards their employer.

What Are The Best Perks and Benefits A Company Should Offer Employees?

When looking at our list of companies that offer top packages, you get a clear picture of what employees are looking for. We’ve broken the perks and benefits up into two essential categories.

The Essential Care Perks and Benefits

This group of perks and benefits are all focused on providing employees with top-notch care and support. The role of these perks and benefits is to ease daily stress and ensure a healthy and productive workforce.

Some of the top rewards in this group include:

  • Comprehensive retirement and savings plans
  • Great health insurance
  • Maternity and Paternity leave
  • Wellness programs
  • Education and career development programs

The Fun Quality-Of-Life Perks and Benefits

Next up are the fun-to-have perks and benefits. While these aren’t scored nearly as important as the essentials, they are great for boosting employee morale, engaging with employees, and improving productivity. 

Some of the companies with the best perks in this group offer:

  • Free meals
  • Transit stipends
  • On-site entertainment
  • Employee discounts
  • Social and community welfare programs

Is Your Company Ready To Offer A Competitive Rewards Package?

Today, no matter its size or location, any company can offer its employees competitive and attractive perks and benefits. They can be as small as a daily free lunch or as impressive as a fully stocked arcade room.

PerkUp can assist your company in rewarding its employees for their loyalty and dedication.

Company benefits and perks are for everybody. Employees are more dedicated and work harder, while the company benefits from a productive, healthy workforce.

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