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Fringe Review For Employee Rewards & Recognition

August 11, 2023
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Are you looking for an employee recognition system that allows you to consolidate all the top vendors and programs on one platform? When starting a rewards system from scratch and not knowing how to go about it, the Fringe platform may be the solution.

Fringe offers many options that keep employees engaged, increasing employee satisfaction and retention. But what does it offer, and will it be the right choice for your company? 

Find out more in this Fringe review for employee rewards and recognition.

About Fringe

Fringe is a simple, user-friendly automated platform that allows employees to choose rewards that speak to them. 

These rewards include lifestyle, mindfulness, financial wellness, continued learning, and recreational rewards and recognition products. Fringe also offers recruiting incentives and options for peer-to-peer giving or employee donations. 

There are different types of employee rewards, and every business should strive for a balance of intrinsic and extrinsic rewards. A platform like Fringe can help you manage your extrinsic rewards with ease. 

Main Features

User-Friendly Dashboard And Helpful Insights

An easy-to-use centralized dashboard makes it simple for employers and employees to use Fringe. 

Data analytics and reporting provide relevant information on key performance metrics. Employee feedback is also available to give you insights into what features of your rewards system your staff value the most. This can guide your use of the program in future rewards endeavors. 

Employers will especially enjoy the initial goal-setting support, and the continued insights will streamline ongoing rewards systems. 

Over 130 Rewards, Benefits, And Services

The Fringe platform offers the opportunity to incorporate recruiting incentives, as well as rewards for existing staff. 

It promises to deliver a comprehensive program for your employees, including rewards and recognition, benefits, swag, help with student loan repayments, and more. Employees can choose the rewards or benefits that best meet their needs. 

The idea behind this array of features is that you can prioritize employees' general well-being from the start and from different angles. And in so doing, attract top talent, boost employee engagement and company loyalty, and reduce staff turnover, too. 

Multiple Features, Including Lifestyle & Wellness 

More and more companies are responding to the growing importance of employee wellness. The good news is that you’ll find lifestyle and well-being benefits for rewarding hardworking staff amongst the various possibilities on this platform. 

Employee donations and peer-to-peer giving are also possible on the Fringe platform. These are just as essential as enhancing employee loyalty because they foster a sense of team spirit.

Easy Set-Up And Support

You set your goals and pick the programs that will be of the most value to your business, then let your employees choose what appeals to them. 

The platform’s rollout tools and dedicated support staff will assist you in getting started with recommendations that fit your business type and style.

Simple Points-Based System

Employees are allocated Fringe points on the app, available immediately to choose rewards and services on the Fringe marketplace. The Fringe app offers more than 130 vendors’ products and services. Employees can also send points to their colleagues or donate them to charitable causes. 

Pros And Cons

Fringe sounds like a great option for employee recognition, but like any rewards platform, there are pros and cons. You’ll have to factor these points into your final decision.


  • You can consolidate all your employee recognition and rewards strategies in one place.
  • Employees can choose the rewards and services they prefer by redeeming points.
  • Fringe’s support and insights will help you launch your rewards program with ease.


  • Some users may find the Fringe points system confusing. 
  • You can’t quickly decide if it meets your budget until you’ve been quoted on your specific requirements.
  • Fringe benefits focus on services. You cannot purchase physical gifts.
  • Fringe does not offer an option for company swag. 

Who Is Fringe Best For?

Fringe is useful for startups and businesses still actively engaged in their earliest recruitment drives. Because the platform offers help with setting goals, their support team can also recommend the best reward systems to meet those goals.

Of course, it can be just as useful for more established companies looking to collate all their rewards and employee support programs. As HR teams across all industries know, gift-giving is a key factor in engagement and retention.

Fringe is a useful tool if you know you want an employee recognition platform of your own but you’re unsure of how to proceed. Don’t forget that you need the right system for your unique industry and work model.

Key Takeaways

Fringe is a suitable platform for companies wanting an all-in-one solution to all their rewards and recognition, and recruiting perks. However, it works on a points system, which won’t necessarily appeal to all users. 

If you’re weighing up your options for the best employee gifting platform, check out PerkUp.

PerkUp is a virtual preloaded Visa card-based system of rewards and recognition perks. Employees can choose their own rewards. Plus, employers can choose from more than a thousand curated gifts to send as spot rewards. Alternatively, set it and forget it with regularly scheduled rewards for work anniversaries or birthdays. 

Whatever your employee rewards and recognition needs, PerkUp can do it all! Contact us to learn more.  

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