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How To Choose The Best Going Away Gifts For Coworkers (+ Gift Ideas) 

June 15, 2022
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We have some nifty ideas to share if you’re looking for inspiration on going away gifts for coworkers who have positively impacted the organization. 

Whatever their reason for leaving, it's important to celebrate each person and their contributions. Making a habit of showing appreciation in this way is good for team morale and your employer brand, helping you become known as a great place to work. It may even help future recruitment as former employees are willing to boomerang back. 

The reality is creating a culture of recognition should be a priority in any company. Giving goodbye gifts is one way to do this. It lets the departing employees know that you wish them well on their journey and value their input to the company. 

How To Select The Perfect Going Away Gifts For Coworkers

Before diving into gift ideas, we will give some context on how to select the perfect present. Follow these steps to get a better idea of how to choose a gift that will be meaningful, appropriate, and appreciated by the individual.  

Step 1: Understand Your Coworker

Firstly, it’s beneficial to know your coworker's interests, hobbies, likes, and dislikes. Also, what type of personality do they have - for example, are they adventurous or more of a homebody? This will help you narrow down a suitable gift they will appreciate for years to come. 

If you don’t know too much about the person but are tasked with organizing the gift, speak to someone who knows them well. Ask them for insights and suggestions on what to get.  

Step 2: Stick To A Budget

You likely have a budget from Finance to spend on employee gifting. Set a suitable amount for going away gifts for coworkers, and stick to it. 

In this instance, you don’t always have to set anything too extravagant in price. The gesture and thought put into gift-giving will be more meaningful than the item’s value. 

Step 3: Get The Whole Team Involved

When a person leaves, they aren’t just leaving the company. They leave an entire team behind for a new country, new job, or new situation. During their tenure, they will likely have had an impact on other employees and vice versa. 

For this reason, it pays to get the whole team involved in the occasion. Get their input on what gift to get, arrange a time for everyone to get together for a farewell party or meet up, and encourage your coworkers to say a few words if they wish. This can make the occasion that much more meaningful for everyone involved. 

17 Going Away Gift Ideas For Your Coworkers, Employees & Team Members

Without further ado, here are some great gift ideas for the team. We’ve arranged them into several categories to make it easy to pinpoint suitable options.  

DIY Gift Ideas

Basket Of Goodies

It’s so easy to put together a curated gift basket of items that your departing employee loves. Because it’s DIY, you can be intentional about what goes in, making it a thoughtful gesture the person will appreciate. 

You can fill the basket with anything from wine and chocolates to flowers and baked treats. A quality fruit and nut gift basket is great for a colleague who may be health-conscious, while the aspiring baker may appreciate a DIY bread-making kit. The trick is to fill the basket with goodies that your coworker will enjoy.

Book Of Farewell Messages

A book filled with handwritten farewell messages is a terrific sentimental gift. Your employee will be able to read over the messages and reminisce about their time at the company.

The best part about this gift is that everyone can contribute. You can decorate the book with pictures of your coworker’s best moments and fill it with heartfelt messages.

Gifts For Employees Who Are Going On Maternity Leave

Box of Baby Toiletries And Clothes

A gift box of baby supplies is a thoughtful gift for any coworker about to have a baby. A newborn can never have too many items like diapers, rompers, cotton buds, and baby-safe toiletries.

If you are unsure of what to get or what the expecting parents need, you can still make a meaningful contribution with a gift card.

Spa Gift Voucher

Having a baby is life-changing for the parents. Why not gift them some rest and relaxation? Spa vouchers are perfect going away gifts for coworkers going on maternity or paternity leave. They’ll appreciate the opportunity to pamper themselves, whether it’s to step into a sauna, get a massage, or have their nails done. 

Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas

Eco-Friendly Gift Basket

Eco-friendly gift baskets are a great gift to give earth-conscious coworkers. An eco-friendly gift basket should include items from ethical companies that are reusable, recyclable, and bio-degradable.

Products you can choose for these gift baskets are bamboo items, jewelry, and skincare (from animal-friendly brands). Wildly popular bamboo products you can include are towels, socks, and chopping boards. Stationery made from recycled materials is also a great addition to the gift basket.

Gift Ideas For Coworkers Who Are Getting Married

Amazon Gift Voucher

An Amazon gift voucher is an ideal going away gift for anyone getting married. Amazon has tons of products to offer, giving your coworker a bit of freedom to choose their gift. 

They can use the gift card to purchase things they need for their wedding or items they didn’t get from their registry. 

Monogrammed Towels and Robes

Monogrammed towels or robes are great gifts for newlyweds. These are also very easy to personalize! Choose matching colors, the initials of the couple, or honorifics. 

There will always be a use for this type of gift, and it’s a great memento! There’s nothing better than a soft, plush robe or towel to add an element of luxury at the end of a long day. 

Monogrammed Wine Glasses

Monogrammed wine glasses are a classy and stylish gift for newlyweds. Note that there are different glasses to choose from. For example, white, red, and sparkling wine is traditionally drunk out of different glass styles. Knowing which wine your employee prefers can help you make the best gift decision. 

Home And Leisure Gift Ideas


If your coworker loves their ‘me time’ or is an avid entertainer, candles are always appreciated! They add a warm, relaxing atmosphere to the home. This can help your coworker unwind - what better way to say goodbye at the end of a chapter? 

Candles have many scents and sizes and can be made from sustainable materials. There’s a lot of variety, which means you can pick the best candle if you know a little about your colleague. 

Mugs and Tumblers 

Mugs and tumblers are useful going away gifts for coworkers. They are versatile in the workplace and at home.

If you get your employee a mug or tumbler set as a going away gift, they may use it every day! Everyone loves a good cup of tea or coffee in the morning. A customized mug will remind the person of their time with the company. Consider adding a funny message or a farewell note. 


If your coworker has green thumbs or loves nature, plants are always a good option. There are many different types of plants to suit any person; cacti for the water-wise, vines that can creep up a balcony, or an orchid for a sophisticated touch.

Plants also symbolize growth and flourishment. A lovely message can be painted or printed onto the pot. 

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Gift Ideas For Those Starting A New Job 

Engraved Pen 

An engraved pen is a lovely gift for an employee leaving your company. If your budget allows, engrave a high-quality pen with a farewell message. 

Ensuring that the pen is of good quality can mean the person will use this gift every day. Whether they keep this pen at home or take it to their new job, your colleague will love this gift. 

 Personalized Notepad

Personalized notebooks are another appropriate going away gift for your team members. Everyone uses notepads, whether in their personal lives or at work. A good notebook is where form and function meet - aesthetics, quality, and usefulness are equally important. 

Notepads can come with lined or blank paper. They can be bound in leather or another material. There are many options for a great notebook - think about what your coworker would use it for. 

Gift Ideas For Coworkers Who Are Retiring

A Big Farewell Party

It is always sad to say goodbye to a coworker who is retiring. These people have often been around for years and have seen the company grow. They’ve also been a part of this growth - perhaps in a big way!

Throwing them a big farewell party is a great way to show you appreciate everything they have done. This party will celebrate them and everything they’ve contributed to the company. 


Gifting jewelry to retiring employees is a great way to show your appreciation. These gifts can be on the pricier side but are perfect for recognizing the impact that the person has had. 

Retirement compass necklaces are the latest trend in jewelry gifting. They can be a great addition to your coworker’s jewelry collection and make for heartwarming gifts. 

If you give your retiring coworker a compass necklace, it means that you wish them safety and protection in their retirement. 

A Photo Frame

A plain photo frame is an acceptable gift, but it may lack meaning. Consider giving your retiring coworker a stunning photo frame with a picture of the whole team in it. This shows that they will be missed and will remind them of their time with the organization. 

Digital photo frames can store more than one photo. If the team has a lot of memories, think about gifting one of these. A digital photo frame will show a slideshow of the best memories when turned on. If your team is close-knit, this is a fantastic idea. 

A Watch

A watch will always be a classic retirement gift. It continues to be a popular choice and is well received by employees. Choose a stylish and functional watch that suits your coworker’s taste. 

When giving this gift, play on the ‘time’ factor. Let them know you’ve appreciated their time on the team and that you’ll miss them every day. Consider engraving a special message on the watch to make it more personalized. 


It’s always sad when a coworker decides to leave your company - whatever the reason. Hopefully, our list of going away gifts for coworkers helps make that goodbye special. 

Remember to keep your coworker’s likes, dislikes, and values in mind. This will help you get a gift that they appreciate as much as you appreciate them! 

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