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National Intern Day Gifts To Build A Great Company Culture

September 7, 2022
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If you’re looking to celebrate your interns this year - National Intern Day gifts are a win! This special day is the perfect time to recognize all the hard work your interns do for your company. 

An internship is a great opportunity, but it can be challenging. Often the first to arrive and the last to leave, interns deserve appreciation for their contributions to the workplace. 

On National Intern Day this year, why not make your interns feel as valued as possible? Don’t worry if you have no idea where to start - we’ve got you covered! Let’s discuss some top gift ideas to show your trainees their work is valued. 

What Is National Intern Day?

In 2017,  an online platform called WayUp created National Intern Day. This company is dedicated to connecting young, recently graduated students with businesses. 

WayUp created National Intern Day to recognize and appreciate the future leaders of the world. Everyone has to start somewhere, and WayUp wanted to change the narrative for interns who can go unappreciated and undervalued despite working so hard. 

Companies celebrating Intern Day have an excellent opportunity to build a supportive company culture. By showing recognition for the hard work interns put in, they become known as a great place to work. 

In turn, this helps organizations stay competitive. Future employees get a solid introduction to the working world and know they will be valued if they continue working there. 

Celebrated in the last week of July, many interns and companies look forward to this special day.

National Intern Day Gifts Your Interns Will Love

Gifts are a great way to thank your interns for their hard work. Let’s look at some unique gifts guaranteed to make these trainees feel special.

1. HomePod Mini ($99)


If you're looking to wow your intern's with a great gift, you can't go wrong with the HomePod Mini!

Jam-packed with innovation, HomePod mini delivers unexpectedly big sound for a speaker of its size. At just under 8.5 centimetres tall, it takes up almost no space but fills the entire room with rich 360-degree audio that sounds amazing from every angle.

Your people are sure to feel appreciated for their work when gifted with a high-quality, convenient piece of tech like this.

2. Apotheke Canvas Candle ($42)

$42 will get your interns a slice of the relaxation they deserve. These gorgeous candles encourage the person to kick back at the end of the day. 

This is important as a balanced intern is more likely to be fresh and ready for new challenges. 

These candles can be used for a nice dinner or bath. They’ll fill your intern’s apartment with scents of linen, white musk, and sweet lily of the valley. 

3. Bambüsi Cheese Board and Knife Set ($69.99)


Everyone loves a stylish cheese board and knife set. It adds a touch of finesse when serving snacks and can be used for beautifully presenting cheese and charcuterie.

The board on this set is made from 100% bamboo, an organic and naturally antibacterial material. A large serving surface with convenient grooves will prevent snacks from accidentally rolling off the side. 

A nifty pull out-drawer contains the four cheese knives and a wine opener. It’s an excellent combination for the intern who loves entertaining,

4. Askanya 12 Mini Chocolate Bars Pack ($13.80)

If your interns have a sweet tooth - consider this delectable mini chocolate pack. These can easily be kept in an office drawer for midday treats! They can also be taken home to be enjoyed as dessert at the end of a long day. 

These Haitian chocolate bars aren’t all the same flavor either! If your interns like to try new delights - they’ll love the six different flavors offered here. 

5. Ordinary Habit Jungle Hike Puzzle by Sara Boccaccini Meadows ($48)

One of the best ways to unwind is by plopping into a comfy chair. While we all love a bit of TV, how about gifting your interns a great puzzle? 

These are great for bringing together friends and family and will help your trainees relax at the end of a long day. As it’s 1,000 pieces, it will provide the recipient with hours of entertainment while putting together the beautiful design. 

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6. Maker Wine Celebration Sparkling Wine Pack ($55)

Hosting a happy hour with delectable snacks is a great team-building opportunity that also shows your appreciation. 

For $55, thank each of your interns for their hard work with this celebration pack! As it’s a six-pack, the recipient can share it at the office or even take it home. 

Each pack comes with an optional gift note, as well as two wine glasses! This means that after the wine is gone, your interns will still be reminded of your appreciation. 

7. Bones Coffee Company Favorite Flavors Sample Pack ($30)

Most people love a good cuppa joe - and your interns are probably no different! For anyone who drinks a fair amount of coffee, this favorite flavors pack is bound to be a winner.  

As it’s a variety pack, the gift recipient can experience incredible coffee flavors. Note that there’s nothing ordinary about the flavors - this coffee pushes boundaries and is for the adventurous among us. Expect flavors like maple bacon, strawberry cheesecake, and more. 

8. Mac Lab Macarons 6 Piece Macaron Box ($15)

This is another delicacy for your interns with a sweet tooth! You might not be able to send them all to Paris, but you can sure bring a little Paris to them. 

Each set of macarons comes beautifully packaged. The six-piece box provides six random flavors for the recipient to enjoy. The person might land up with Oreo, Cotton Candy, Earl Grey, Green Matcha, Pistachio, Blueberry, or other indulgent flavors. 

Final Thoughts

National Intern Day gifts go a long way in showing what your company culture is like. 

If you want to be seen as a business that values its employees, consider celebrating your interns this year! After all the hard work these people do, they sure deserve some appreciation. 

Whether it’s a PerkUp rewards card or a snack selection, your interns will love some recognition this July. 

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