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Ideas For Bulk Employee Appreciation Gifts Employees Will Love

September 7, 2022
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Are you a manager looking for ways to reward a large team? If so, ordering bulk employee appreciation gifts may be the way to go. Rewarding your employees lets them know that you recognize and appreciate their work each day. 

There are loads of benefits to regularly acknowledging employee contributions to your organization; not least among them are decreased employee turnover and absenteeism.

Luckily, there are plenty of bulk gifts available to purchase at affordable prices. To help you along, we've listed some of the top ideas for bulk employee appreciation gifts.

Why It’s So Critical To Practice Employee Appreciation Today

Employee engagement is at an all-time low, and organizations are seeing skilled workers resigning in droves. Most concerning is that a toxic corporate culture is the main driving force behind the mass exodus of staff.  

Besides the serious repercussions this has on morale, it’s costly to replace employees. The time, effort, and money spent on recruiting resources, interview time, onboarding, and training don’t come cheap. In fact, it’s been found that the cost of hiring is between 20% and 200% of the new hire’s salary, depending on their role. 

Companies can save this cost by making an effort to look after their employees. And the best way to prevent employees from looking elsewhere for work is to show them genuine appreciation.

25 Ideas For Bulk Employee Appreciation Gifts

1. Company Swag

closeup of hanged shirts on rack

Company swag is the most convenient and efficient gift to distribute to multiple recipients!

Not only are you promoting a positive company culture, you're letting the team know that they're valued members that the company cares for!

Company swag has been proven to help foster a more positive connection between the organization and its employees as it allows individuals to truly feel like a part of the culture with a tangible representation of their value.

2. Inspirational Notepads 

Fancy notepad

Whether working at home or in the office, there is always use for a notebook or notepad. There’s a good chance your employees have one filled with doodles, notes, or numbers right now. But, these eventually fill up and need to be replaced. Or they serve different purposes, and people need more than one. 

Either way, gifting notepads can act as a handy reminder that you value each person. Bonus points if they have inspirational quotes inside or are branded to your company. 

3. Motivational Stylus Pens

blue and silver click pen

Everybody needs pens, especially in the workplace. A pack of bright stylus pens is sure to be a winning choice for bulk employee appreciation gifts. Add motivational quotes and company branding for a personal touch.

4. Motivational Keychains

person holding brown and silver round pendant

A keychain with a few motivational words is an uplifting employee appreciation gift. Consider adding a quote about service or commitment to express your gratitude and appreciation to the team.   

5. Aluminum Mobile Grip Ring and Stand 

Mobile phones are an integral part of the workplace. Therefore, a handy gift idea is the aluminum grip rings or stands that people attach to the back of their mobile. 

The rings have 360-degree rotation, which allows the phone to be held horizontally or vertically, and doubles up as a stand. For additional impact, you can engrave the company logo, initials, or a motivational message on the aluminum stand.

6. 3-in-1 Charging Buddy 

Your employees are sure to love a handy charging buddy! This cable plugs into a USB port and can charge multiple devices simultaneously. 

In a world where many people own smartphones, notepads, and smartwatches, it’s useful to have a single charging gadget! 

7. Wireless Earphones 

Apple Airpods with charging case

If you’re looking for something with maximum portability and usefulness, this is it. A good quality set of earphones can make a difference in the office and outside. People use earphones a lot - in meetings, on the way home, or during a jog. Employees will love a gift that they can use every day! 

8. Scented Soy Candles 

Scented candle

Your eco-conscious employees will love this -  a 100% vegan-friendly soy wax candle. Housed in a reusable glass jar, each candle smells incredible. This appreciation gift expresses thanks, letting employees know that their relaxation is important too. 

9. Herb Garden Set

green leafed seedlings on black plastic pots

Get employees in touch with their green fingers by gifting mini, self-contained herb garden growing kits. These include biodegradable fiber pots, expandable soil wafers, and a variety of herb seeds. 

Each member of the team will enjoy watching the seedlings grow. And when the time is right, employees can proudly add homegrown herbs to their meals. 

10. Pop Up Flower Planter Kit

green leafed plant

Another much-loved idea for bulk employee gifts is bunches of fresh flowers. However, have you ever considered pop-up starter flower kits? 

The kit comes with a container, soil pellets, and flower seeds for planting. Once seedlings have grown and are a couple of inches tall, employees can replant them in larger pots or gardens. 

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11. Smartphone Wallet Holder

Many people don't want to be burdened with a wallet and a phone when they go out for short trips to the store. A cardholder that adheres to the back of your smartphone is the answer to this. What’s more, these gifts are easily customizable in terms of design and color.

12. Ceramic Coasters

Hot and cold tumbler

Nobody enjoys coffee stains and watermarks on their desk! Help employees save their furniture with a set of unique absorbent ceramic stone coasters. These are perfect for tabletop protection, and you can buy them in a range of colors. 

13. Hot and Cold Tumbler

Screen Shot 2022-08-29 at 10_01_20 AM.png

Help employees keep their beverages hot or cold for as long as possible with a hot and cold tumbler. The double-walled tumbler with a vacuum seal between the walls provides maximum insulation. 

Your employees can take these great gifts anywhere - to the office, the park, or on a morning stroll. Customize the tumblers with company branding or motivational quotes as a reminder of your appreciation. 

14. Ceramic Mug and Spoon Set 

fruit and coffee platter

Another lovely choice is a colorful ceramic mug and spoon set. This is an excellent bulk employee appreciation gift for those particular about their coffee mugs. Of course, they are also great for tea drinkers and soup on colder days.

15. Bamboo Trivet 

Trivets protect surfaces from heat damage that hot pots or pans can cause. Employees will love a trivet made from sustainable bamboo. For a personal touch, print a thank you note on the face of the trivet for all to see.

16. Infusion Water Bottles

Infusion water bottles let your employees create a healthier and less expensive alternative to soda. Drinking water infused with fresh fruit and herbs may have health benefits, including detoxing and immune-boosting effects. In short, this gift is a great way to promote health within the business! 

17. Insulated Lunch Tote 


Another health-promoting item on the list of bulk employee appreciation gifts is an insulated lunch tote. With a colorful message of appreciation printed on the side, your employee will be encouraged to bring a healthy lunch to work. Some totes even come with a business card or ID badge holder on the top. 

18. LED Book Light

Shine a little light on your employees with a clip-on book light. 

This nifty employee appreciation gift is not only for books, however. Clip it onto a binder, tablet, e-reader, or car visor for extra light where needed. Don’t forget to print your company’s message of appreciation on the side. 

19. Note Cube Caddy 

How often have you seen employees scrambling for notepads, pieces of paper, or pens to jot down a reminder? 

A tidy cube caddy containing assorted color pads, sticky notes, and a pen holder is the perfect desktop assistant. 

20. Personalized Mousepad

Magic Keyboard beside Magic Mouse

If you are looking for motivational bulk employee appreciation gifts, you can’t go wrong with a durable mousepad. A mousepad offers good tracking for any mouse and protects the desk surface from scratches. 

What’s more, a bright contemporary print reminding your employees that they are valued makes a fabulous functional desk accessory.

21. Motivational Multitool

Tools are not something most employees keep at work, so a multitool with a recognized emblem could be a very welcome appreciation gift. 

Who knows when a screw under an office chair or desk may need to be tightened. 

22. Colored Block Wooden Tower

Jenga wooden block tower

Encouraging a bit of light-hearted fun could be precisely what your employees need at the end of a day or week. Recognize their need to relax by gifting them an eco-friendly wood tower puzzle. 

When bought as an employee appreciation gift bulk order, you can get your message of appreciation imprinted on the box. 

23. Magnetic Clip Holder 

A magnetic clip holder is an ideal gift to print a message of appreciation on. You can choose a holder with a powerful magnet and decorate it with people-shaped clips in an acrobatic configuration. 

This fun item could also be a way to encourage a bit of light-hearted bonding between employees. 

24. Microfiber Cooling Towel

Microfiber cooling towels make versatile bulk employee appreciation gifts. These soft on-the-skin towels soak water quickly but dry much slower than terry cloth towels. 

These are perfect for working out, cooling down on a hot day, or cleaning around the home. Your employees will be reminded that you value their work, as well as their personal lives. 

25. Awesome Ankle Socks 

person wearing white nike socks

Everybody wears socks, right? You can’t go wrong with a pair of colorful cotton-blend socks! Get your message of thanks printed along the sides of each sock. 

Your employees will be reminded of your appreciation every time they put their feet up to relax. 

Wrapping it Up 

Employee appreciation gifts are a great way to recognize your team consistently. 

These rewards don’t need to break the bank. Bulk employee appreciation gifts can be purchased at affordable prices. 

While there are endless ideas for bulk gift buying, a PerkUp rewards card makes corporate gifting effortless. 

Packed with HR and payroll integrations, you can sync your company employee directory and send rewards on an ad-hoc basis to keep up company morale and productivity.

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