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New Employee Welcome Gift Ideas You Hadn't Thought Of

September 8, 2022
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If you’re on the lookout for a new employee welcome gift, you’ve come to the right place. Employee welcome gifts are a great way to make new hires feel like a part of the team! This can inspire employee engagement and retention

New hires should be integrated into the office as soon as possible. We’re here to go over the many benefits of offering gifts to new employees. We’re also going to highlight some great gift ideas. If you’re looking for a way to make the most of new employee gifts - read on! 

Benefits Of Company Welcome Gifts

There are many benefits to offering new employees gifts. These serve as a warm welcome to your company and each employee’s new role. These gifts have benefits for the new hires, as well as for your company!  

Let’s go over these benefits so that you can see the value behind offering new employee gifts. 

Create Good First Impressions

First impressions influence how people view future interactions. For this reason, you should ensure that your new hires have a positive first impression of your company. 

Good first impressions will lead to new hires getting more comfortable in their roles more quickly. In a shorter period, they can become more engaged and confident in their positions. This can lead to better teamwork, and ultimately a boost for your bottom line. 

If employees feel welcome and comfortable in the workplace, things tend to run smoother. Welcoming work environments stimulate better productivity. If gifts contribute to this environment, what’s not to love? 

Makes Employees Feel Part Of The Team

When collaborating on a project, there’s nothing worse than feeling excluded or alienated. Teamwork makes the dream work - and you need to foster an environment that supports that statement! 

A team who receives matching branded swag on day one is sure to feel included! If you simply show employees to their desks and give them their first task - they may feel a little on the outside. 

Giving a welcoming gift from your business is a great way to create a positive connection between team members.

Working on large projects as a team requires more than the skills of each member. Cooperation and teamwork are also essential to productivity. The success of a group project depends on how well each member functions as part of a group. 

Give your employees something to talk about, and bond over, on their first day in the office! This could set the scene for lasting work relationships that make employees feel as though they belong. 

Boost Employee Engagement From Day One

When starting a new job, it’s easy to feel like the odd one out. While this is normal, if not managed, it can lead to poor employee engagement. 

This becomes a real problem for morale and productivity in the long term. It’s important that employees feel like a vital part of the business. If they do, they will feel proud of the work they do. They will put in more effort at work, and be more eager to take important steps in your company. 

The benefits for your business are clear. If your employees are more switched on and engaged with their roles, productivity will increase. An engaged workforce will end up making your business more profitable. 

It’s in your interest to promote positive employee engagement right from the start.

Boost Morale In The Office

There’s no denying that daily life in an office can prove tedious. This can lead to team morale sliding down the metaphorical hill! An unmotivated team might be sluggish and unconcerned which will impact their productivity. 

Employee gifts can start a new hire’s time at the company off on a good foot. It shows them what to expect! They will know that there’s a reason to keep motivated - their work is valued. 

The great thing about employee gifts is that they can be used as a tool whenever you need them! If you need to motivate a sales team, congratulate someone on a promotion, or celebrate a birthday - employee gifts can keep things interesting. 

Useful gifts can also help boost morale in the office in general. If your new hires are trying to log onto online meetings with shoddy, old earphones - they might get frustrated quickly. Why not help them out with a new pair? 

Bolster Pride And Work Ethic

When new employees join a business, they’ll work hard to put their best foot forward. If they sense that your company is invested in their professional journey, they’ll want to work even harder to make a good impression. 

This leads to improved pride and work ethic. This can positively impact the work they complete. Proud employees will want their business to succeed - because they value their jobs, and their company values them. 

Passionate, nurtured employees will want to be efficient and innovative. If you’re looking to set your new hires on the right path - consider giving them a new employee welcome gift. They’ll love the gesture, and you won’t regret it! 

New Employee Welcome Gift: Top Ideas 

By now, you understand the value of providing a new employee welcome gift. 

While you may not know much about your new employees personally, you do know what position they’re taking. 

If you don’t want to choose a general gift idea (such as a notebook), pick one that reflects some aspect of a new hire’s role. If the gift makes their job a little easier as well, then that’s even better.

To get you started, we’ve prepared a list of gift ideas that are sure to make your new hires beam.

1. Balm & Candle DE-STRESS Set ($49)


This is a wonderful gift that will make a positive impression on any new employee. This 100% natural, essential oil based Aromatherapy Balm is mess-free, won't leak or spill in anyone's bag and is an awesome way to show your new hires that the company cares about a healthy work-life balance.

Health and Wellness needs to be prioritized in professional environments to allow for teams to feel supported and seen as individuals in the work place!

2. Mindfulness Everywhere Mindfulness Cards ($11.60)

New employee welcome gifts don’t have to be big or expensive to make an impact. Their goal is to make new employees feel welcome and appreciated. What better way to achieve that than with this pack of mindfulness cards? These are sure to pack positivity into every workday!

Your new employees will start every day on a good note with this unique and thoughtful gift. This gift is suitable for all ages and is gender neutral, which adds to its versatility. Every card has an uplifting or inspiring message on it. What better way to start the day? 

3. Askanya 12 Mini Chocolate Bars Pack ($13.80)

Most people like chocolates - so these are a safe bet. They’re also not your average chocolates! These 12, individually wrapped mini chocolate bars by Askanya are a great gift idea. Six flavors of this specialty Haitian chocolate are included in the pack. 

These are sure to tantalize those tastebuds! This gift has mass appeal and can be kept in the drawer for lunch-break nibbles. 

Askanya is Haiti’s first cocoa bean-to-bar chocolatier. Your new employee will feel welcomed with open arms.

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4. Anker USB Wall and Port Charging Station ($24.99)


An ideal new employee welcome gift is both compact and practical. Choose something that most new employees would appreciate. 

This multi-device charging station from Anker fits the bill. It houses 6 ports that provide 60 watts of power. This is perfect for the simultaneous charging of multiple devices. 

With PowerIQ and VoltageBoost, this charging station offers the fastest possible charge up to 2.4 amps per port or 12 amps in total. Your new team member will be grateful that you considered their practical needs!

5. Ordinary Habit A Table in Summer On The Go Puzzle by Josephine Rais ($20)

The best welcome gift is one that promotes teamwork and reinforces company culture right from the start. Treat your new employee to this charming 100-piece on-the-go puzzle. Not only is this a beautiful work of art, but it shows that you’re invested in your employees' relaxation. 

Watch teamwork and solidarity grow as your employees rope in their new co-workers to complete the puzzle. It’s guaranteed to cause some excitement in the office and will make your new employee feel special and included. 

These can also be taken home, where they can reside on a coffee table and entertain guests.

6. S’Well Stainless Steel Travel Mug with Handle ($25)

This handy travel mug is a great way to welcome new hires to the office. Have you noticed the number of takeaway coffee cups in your bins? Travel mugs are environmentally friendly, and allow your employees to carry around their favorite java. 

Most office workers love a coffee at the start of the day or on their break. This makes a travel mug an ideal new employee welcome gift. 

This travel mug by S’Well is designed with a slide-open lid for splash-proof sipping and carrying. Its classic style and monochromatic color make it a versatile choice for a welcome gift.

7. Nunbelievable Assorted Pack Cookies ($17.99)

An assorted box of individually wrapped cookies will make a terrific welcome gift for your new employee. They’ll feel pampered, and will love having something to enjoy on their first coffee break! After all - who doesn’t love cookies? 

The best thing about giving these cookies as a gift is that your new employee will not be the only one receiving a lovely gesture. When you buy Nunbelievable cookies, the company donates meals to the less fortunate.

You might want to check up on health and dietary requirements before gifting these! 

8. Rooted Pink Panther Tradescantia Potted Plant ($19)

If you think your new hires love nature - why not bring some nature to them? A potted plant can spruce up any desk in no time! 

This is guaranteed to make employees feel welcome and will add a dash of color to the office. Plants have many benefits - and the rest of the office will love the addition of plants as well! 

If you have some remote or hybrid new hires - this is also a great gift! This can liven up their home workspace, and make them feel valued. 


Final Thoughts

New employee welcome gifts are a great idea. Not only do they make new hires feel welcome - they have benefits for your business too! 

Create a good impression with one of our suggested new employee welcome gifts. These can bolster morale, teamwork, work ethic, and more. 

Remember - a thoughtful gift doesn’t need to break the bank! There are loads of gifts out there that your unique budget can accommodate. 

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