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The 4 American Express Employee Benefits That Attract Top Talent

August 11, 2022
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American Express’ employee benefits make it one of the top places to work in the United States. Ask an AMEX employee why they love the company, and they almost always mention the great benefits package they receive.

From a generous 401k plan to employee discounts, we’ll be looking at how AMEX attracts and retains top talent in this article.

The Top American Express Employee Benefits

Today, American Express employs over 84,000 employees worldwide. Their employee benefits and perks have made them an attractive choice for anyone looking to enter the financial services industry. 

To get an idea of what makes them so competitive, here are their top four industry-leading benefits and perks:

1. Comprehensive Health and Wellness Care

AMEX offers its employees comprehensive health insurance that integrates seamlessly with the company’s employee wellness efforts. Medical insurance provides health, dental, and vision benefits to cover primary health care. 

Employees and their immediate family members can enjoy these health care benefits with no deductions from their monthly paychecks.

American Express also offers its employees free access to the Healthy Living Wellness Program. The program supports three aspects of employee wellness: strength (physical health), energy (nutritional care), and vitality (mental wellbeing). Employees can perform at the top of their game with these benefits.

2. A Secure Retirement Plan

AMEX employees needn’t have retirement dread. The company offers its employees several comprehensive pension and welfare benefits. These benefits will provide a secure source of income when they retire.

According to Glassdoor, AMEX has a generous 6% 401k match. Several other investment options are available to employees, including a stock bonus, profit sharing, and a pension plan. By further supplementing the great 401k retirement plan, employees can build a secure and rewarding path to retirement.

3. Empowering Future Leaders

Another great perk of working at AMEX is the rich education and training options for employees. A favorite is the Harvard Leadership Excellence Program, an AMEX collaboration with Harvard University. With this program, colleagues can learn from each other and develop the leadership skills needed to advance their careers within American Express. 

The leadership programs and excellent in-house training ensure that the company retains its top talent, shaping future business heads.

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4. Family Care Made Easy

No review of the American Express benefits and perks would be complete without mentioning their industry-leading family care. From caring for the old to the young, AMEX knows that family life is a powerful driving force that can easily influence an employee’s performance. 

New parents can expect to get 20 weeks of paid time off for both mom and dad. Returning to work is also easy, as AMEX offers access to backup childcare. Employees also access a free lactation support program and make use of free personal concierge specialists. 

As for looking after older family members, AMEX has an eldercare program to help employees look after their more senior family members. The company ensures that employees concentrate on work and deliver their best every day by looking after their families.

Final Thoughts

When you look at the American Express employee benefits and perks, it’s clear that the company aims to support employees. It does this by providing employees with excellent health and wellness benefits, career development support, and a solid retirement plan.

No doubt, looking after its employees holds benefits for the company too. Today, AMEX has some of the top financial experts on their roster, and it seems like they plan on retaining that top-notch force.

Another financial leader that approached employee benefits from a unique perspective is Visa. Check out these six corporate perks that their employees love.

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