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The 6 Twitter Employee Benefits & Perks Keeping The Company Competitive

June 2, 2022
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The 6 Twitter Employee Benefits & Perks Keeping The Company Competitive

In a recent interview, Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, mentioned the company retains its top talent by offering them competitive Twitter employee benefits. The benefits are fantastic and have been changing the corporate landscape, including its remote work policy.

Today, Twitter is one of the trendiest and most innovative Silicon Valley companies to work for. So, how does the social media giant create such fierce loyalty in its workforce? What corporate perks does it offer to retain the industry's best and brightest? Let’s find out.

The Top Six Twitter Employee Benefits and Perks

1. Food Ranks Top At Twitter

At the top of the Twitter employee perks offering is the excellent food options. Employees get a free lunch and dinner every day of the week, and Glassdoor reports it’s the most loved perk

The company’s stylish cafe serves a variety of healthy foods, including Halaal and Kosher meals. Employees can also dig into classics like eggs benedict or sip on healthy smoothies made with almond milk. They can even buy dinner on the go for as little as $5. This service saves employees time from not having to cook dinner when they get home.

2. Work From Home - Forever

Bloomberg reports that 40% of American workers would rather quit their jobs than return to a normal, permanent in-office work environment.

In 2020, Twitter took a massive leap forward when it changed its work-from-home policy. In a bold move, the company decided to allow employees to work from home forever. To assist employees in working from home, Twitter offers each of its remote employees a $1,000 home office stipend. This helps them purchase office supplies and stationery to make their home office as fun and functional as their office at Twitter.

3. Reimbursements 

Another fantastic Twitter perk is the numerous reimbursements that it offers its employees. Qualifying employees get their phone bill reimbursed for up to $1,200 per year. The company also reimburses its employees' new cell phone purchases once every two years. 

Reimbursements aren't limited to communication and tech devices alone. Twitter will sponsor up to $60 a month for an employee's gym and fitness classes. This entices employees to live a healthy lifestyle, which results in a more productive workforce.

4. Excellent Medical Care

Twitter doesn't just spoil its employees with fantastic perks. The company also offers employees comprehensive medical insurance as a top corporate benefit. Twitter covers all of their employees’ healthcare premiums, including dental, vision, prescription drug subsidies, and even mental healthcare.

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5. A Family First Approach

New parents can take up to five months of paid time off when they have a baby. This fantastic benefit applies to everybody, no matter their gender. Five months is far more than what many of its competitors offer. 

6. Education

We can't talk about Twitter's corporate perks without mentioning its fantastic education-related perks. Not only does it offer to reimburse employees for their studies and study materials, but it provides a college-friendly culture at the office. 

This culture means that employees don't have to study late nights after work. Employees can take part in classes during office hours and will still earn a salary while studying. If employees want to study after hours, they get to enjoy free coffee at the office. This goes a long way to keeping the midnight oil burning. 

Final Thoughts

Twitter ranked as the number one company to work for in a 2014 Glassdoor survey. Since then, it has consistently been ranked as a top 10 employer. Today, Twitter is still innovating and offering its employees some of the best perks and benefits. 

Learning from the big players will help your company offer the right perks to attract and retain top talent. If you want to improve your company's perks further, check out what Tesla, Airbnb, and Google are offering their teams.

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