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Top Ways To Wish Employees A Happy 2 Year Work Anniversary

August 11, 2022
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When an employee spends two years at a company, it’s an important milestone to celebrate. As a company, it’s worth doing something special to wish them a happy 2 year work anniversary.

Below, we round up some of the best ways to celebrate the occasion with your employee. We’ve also included ideas for gifts to mark the milestone. 

Six Ways To Wish Employees A Happy 2 Year Work Anniversary 

1. Send Out a Company-Wide Email

This is a small yet thoughtful gesture that will make anyone feel special and acknowledged. Put together an email that wishes your employee a happy 2 year work anniversary. Then, send it out to all relevant teams in the organization. 

You can make it personal by adding a picture of the employee and a small paragraph about their contribution to your company. In addition, you can mention some of their roles, duties, and notable achievements during their tenure. 

Perhaps even try to get a short statement from the person to say what they enjoy about working at your company and include it in the email. The last step is to design a professional and official-looking message to push out to the team.

2. Throw an Office Party

An employee celebrating a special occasion will seldom want to do so alone, so get others in the office involved, too. 

Throw a small office party either during work hours (preferably the last hour or two or the day), or after hours. Try to gauge what works best for everyone to ensure a decent turnout. Send out email invites to those in relevant teams ahead of time. 

You can personalize the small gathering to suit the employee. Cater with snacks or desserts that they enjoy, make a playlist of music they listen to, and perhaps host a few games or activities that will get everyone involved. You can also decorate the office area with a banner and a few balloons. 

It can be a simple event, but it is an excellent opportunity for the person to celebrate with their colleagues.

3. Host A Team Lunch

If you want to mark the occasion out of the office for logistical reasons or make the celebration all the more special, take your employee and their team out for lunch to say happy 2 year work anniversary.

Off-site socializing is not just a good way to celebrate your employee’s work anniversary but also promotes team bonding. In turn, this builds a stronger workforce. 

You can do this during a lunch hour at a restaurant close to the office so that it doesn’t interfere with work time. If you have a small business, set a budget for each person so that you are not stuck with an unexpectedly exorbitant bill. 

Another option is to simply order food or snacks and have lunch in the office with everyone. 

For remote teams, you can give your employees a Perk Card with a pre-loaded amount that they can use at an establishment of their choice. Ask all team members to get some takeout to enjoy together on a video call. 

4. Decorate Their Desk

Decorating your employee’s desk is a simple gesture that will make them smile when they come to work. 

You can either go into the office earlier before the person arrives or stay late the prior afternoon to set up the space. Get a few simple decorations, such as balloons, banners, or streamers, and make their desk space look festive.

It will be a pleasant surprise for them when they arrive, and they can enjoy their fancy desk throughout the day with a sense of pride about their two-year milestone. 

5. Send A Thoughtful Message

Gifts and celebrations are all enjoyable options. However, one of the most meaningful things you can do is write up a thoughtful message to your employee. In it, express your gratitude, and acknowledge the individual’s commitment to your company and achievements over the two years.

The message will result in your employees feeling appreciated and motivated to continue their great work. You can either email it or present it in a card or letter. Whatever the method, ensure the person will be able to hold onto it as a keepsake. 

We have compiled a few messages that you can use or adapt to wish your employee a happy 2 year work anniversary.

  • Your hard work and dedication continue to amaze those around you every day. Best wishes to you on this special occasion!
  • Don’t think that your tireless work goes unnoticed. We see and appreciate all that you do. Happy 2 year work anniversary!
  • Employees like you are what make organizations like ours a success. We value and appreciate your contribution and wish you many more happy years with us!
  • Your work exceeds all expectations, and we are so lucky to have you as an integral part of our team. All our best to you on this special day!
  • We cannot put into words just how much you have done for this organization. Your presence in our team is priceless, and we hope to celebrate many more work anniversaries with you!

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6. Share A Quote About Employees

Your message to an employee should be personal, and express your sentiments in your own words when wishing them a happy 2 year work anniversary. But, including a profound quote can improve the overall message. It can also leave a lasting impression on the recipient. 

You can add a quote to a message in a card, an email (company-wide or personal), or in a speech. Pick a quote that is relevant to the employee’s experience that they can connect with. 

Here is a quick list of impactful quotes that can work when wishing employees a happy 2 year anniversary. 

  • "Great things are done by a series of small things brought together" - Vincent Van Gogh
  • "Ability is what you're capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it." - Lou Holtz
  • "Believe you can, and you are halfway there." - Theodore Roosevelt
  • "Excellence is not a skill. It is an attitude." - Ralph Marston
  • "Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen." - Michael Jordan

Gifts Ideas To Wish Employees A Happy 2 Year Work Anniversary

Virtual Visa Card 

A virtual Visa card is an excellent gift idea if you are unsure what your employee needs or wants. 

With PerkUp, you can preload a certain amount of money onto a card, and your employee will be able to choose from several retail or subscription services. This way, they can choose something that they will actually enjoy or get some value from. 

In addition, it is the perfect way to give a great work anniversary gift that fits your available budget. 

Corporate Merchandise

Does your company have any corporate merchandise? If there are a few options, such as clothing and stationery, put together a hamper with a few items you think your employee would like to use. For clothing, check your employee’s size with colleagues or family. 

If you can personalize the merch, even better! Who doesn’t love a mug or a t-shirt with their name on it? 

How To Set Up A Killer Company Swag Store

A Day Off

An extra day off is a gift that will never be scoffed at. It is the perfect way to reward an employee for two years of hard work and dedication. 

You can grant them a paid day off that is separate from their ordinary annual leave. They could take it on their actual anniversary or select a day of their choosing. 

Having a day off lets your worker spend some extra time with friends or family, have a day of rest, or do something they enjoy. It would be a well-deserved break for all the tireless work that they do. 

A New Desk Addition

A desk can be a personal sanctuary that each employee customizes to suit their needs and preferences. After all, it is arguably where they spend the most amount of their time. 

Gift your employee a useful desk accessory that will add to their daily work experience. This can be a stress-busting gadget, a mini coffee machine, a new mug, a calendar, a set of pens, a fan or a heater, and so on. 

Try to get something they don’t already have or something they have always wanted or needed. 

A Big Signed Card

An employee’s contribution is valuable, and during two years at a company, they would have had an impact on everyone around them. 

Buying a big card that each person on the team can sign with a little message shows your employee the reach of their work and how much their colleagues value them. This also allows everyone on the team to wish the person a happy 2 year work anniversary.

Ensure that the card has enough space for every person on the team to write a 1-2 sentence message. Advise those signing the card to take up as little space as possible to allow everyone to participate. 

A Spa Voucher

Work can be stressful for everyone. So, gifting a hardworking employee with a chance to get pampered is a great way to say happy 2 year work anniversary. 

You can buy a voucher for a specific spa treatment, like a massage or facial. Or you can buy a general voucher for a spa that offers a range of treatments and let your employee choose what they prefer. They will be thankful for the relaxing experience that releases all tension and stress in their body and mind. 

A Gift Basket 

Put together a personalized gift basket or hamper to wish an employee a happy 2 year work anniversary. 

You can include anything you think the person will enjoy, such as tea, coffee, candy, chocolates, candles, gadgets, stationery, etc. 

Be sure to include a card or message that expresses your good wishes to your employee on their milestone. 


A gesture, big or small, goes a long way in making an employee feel valued and appreciated on their work anniversary. 

Just be sure to make the gift or gesture personal and suited to the employee’s individual preferences and personality. Regardless of what you choose to present them with, try to include a note or card with a message. In it, express your gratitude to the person, and acknowledge them for all they contribute to the organization.

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