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Your Full Review Of Goody Gifts (Overview & Main Features)

September 15, 2023
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In the age of remote work, expressing gratitude to your hardworking employees can be challenging. Luckily, there are plenty of gifting options available to help you out.

One such tool is Goody, a gifting application that allows you to send gifts to your employees worldwide. In this review, we'll explore Goody’s features and functionality to discover whether it’s the right gifting platform for you. 

An Overview Of Goody: Personal & Business Gifting Platform

Goody offers a convenient way to send your remote and in-office employees a gift of appreciation. You can choose from a list of trendy, curated gifts without spending hours browsing the web. And all you only need is a phone number or an email address to send a gift - no physical addresses. 

Goody will send your gift offer to your employee instantly, along with a customized card and message to boost morale and make your employees feel valued. Then the recipient can give their address and Goody will ship the gift off to them. 

Main Features Of Goody

Goody has a range of features that make gifting your employees easy. Let's look at a few below: 

Easy Gifting

Goody offers a convenient way to show your employees and clients appreciation through digital gifting. No matter where they are in the world, you can send a gift that they can redeem through SMS or email. You'll only pay for the gift once your employee accepts it.

You can customize the gift to make it even more personal to your employee. Goody offers a selection of cards depending on the special occasion. You can also add a special message to wish them a happy birthday or thank them for their hard work.

Curated Gifts

Goody takes pride in providing a diverse catalog of gifts that cater to a wide range of price points and interests. Whether you're searching for budget-friendly options, or seeking to splurge on a more luxurious offering, Goody has something for everyone.

Gift Exchange

When gifting an employee or a client, there's always a chance they won't like it. That's where Goody comes in handy. It makes exchanging gifts a simple process, so everyone is happy. The recipient can swap the gift for something of the same or lower value.

Goody Pricing

Goody has three different pricing tiers:

Starter Plan (Free)

The free Starter Plan is aimed at employers who only occasionally send gifts. Unfortunately, even with the increase in remote working culture, this plan only allows you to send gifts within the US. 

Pro Plan ($20 -$25)

If you have a large team located worldwide, you'll benefit more from this plan. This option allows you to schedule gifts, send them in bulk, and gift internationally. 

Team Plan (Contact The Team For Pricing)

If you'd like to involve your HR, Sales, and Marketing teams, a customized team plan will be the best choice for your company. This plan focuses on giving your team control of budgets while also offering integrations. 

Pros And Cons Of Goody

When considering a gifting platform like Goody, weighing up its advantages and drawbacks is essential:


  • Good variety of gift options, including affordable gifts
  • Shipping is usually quite quick
  • Recipients can exchange equal to or lower than the gift value


  • The app is only available in certain regions, like the US
  • The app isn’t very easy to navigate and the functions aren’t very clear 
  • Goody can cancel gifts without notice 
  • The international shipping fees are very high
  • Many gifting options are only available in the US

Who Is Goody Best For?

Goody is a good choice for employers looking to show their remote or hybrid employees appreciation. Personalized gifting allows you to maintain a positive company culture and make your employees feel valued.

If you enjoy showing your clients some gratitude, then Goody can also help. Sending a gift can leave a lasting impression on your clients and help foster your business relationship. It also shows that you're committed to their satisfaction.

Final Thoughts

Goody’s digital platform offers an effortless way to show appreciation to remote employees and clients worldwide. Instant turnaround times and the gift exchange feature add to its appeal. You can rest assured that your employee feels valued, without the risk of sending an unsuitable gift.

But there are some downsides to using Goody. For some, it may be the confusing interface that doesn't show whether you're receiving or purchasing a gift. Goody’s occasional cancellation can also cause frustration and it can be very expensive to ship gifts to international recipients. In addition, many gift options only ship domestically in the US so it may not be the best option for companies with international employees. 

For an easy-to-use employee rewards platform with low shipping costs and over 1000+ gifts available to employees in over 130+ countries, look no further than PerkUp. We have everything you need to reward your employees, no matter the occasion or your budget!

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