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Your Go-to SnackMagic Review (Plus Pros & Cons)

August 15, 2023
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When you're stuck for gift ideas but want to show that you appreciate the recipient, what's your go-to gift? Often, it's a snack box. That's what SnackMagic is all about. They understand that treats are universally loved, making them ideal for employee rewards. 

In this SnackMagic review, we uncover the top features, pros, and cons of the platform, so you can decide if the snack route is the magic solution for your business and employee needs.

Everyone loves a yummy treat now and then, but will a box of treats and snacks make the impression you want? Will it enhance your employee experience and encourage engagement? Let's take a closer look and find out.

About SnackMagic

SnackMagic offers gift boxes of tasty snacks that can be gifted to employees in person or shipped to remote workers. Both singles and bulk buys are possible on the SnackMagic marketplace, so you can use your account to order for yourself, for the office party, or as a reward for teams or single employees. 

They offer a menu of over 2000 items and claim that their wide selection caters to every taste, allergy, and dietary preference. Gift boxes are available in different sizes and are also 100% customizable. This makes SnackMagic versatile for gifting, rewards, and recognition. 

SnackMagic is suitable for once-off gifts or rewards, regular office meet-ups, and informal company celebrations. Surprise recipients with little care packages delivered right to their door. Or, enroll in a monthly program and set recurring perks to be distributed to your remote teams, wherever they are.

Main Features

Variety And Customization Of Gifts

There is a vast array of top-brand foodstuffs, snacks, beverages, and treats. That’s a plus, as it makes it more likely for employees to find something that they like. 

The site is user-friendly, and the boxes are fully customizable, so recipients can choose the snacks they want. 

Bulk Buys Available For Office Party Catering

Products are available not only in single portions but also as bulk options in cases. This makes it suitable for office parties or snacks after meetings, too.

Different Packaging Styles For Different Occasions

If you're focused on using the platform for rewards, different packaging options are available. You can choose between curated gift boxes and build-it-yourself boxes rewards. And there are several ways that snacks can be packaged, depending on the occasion and the recipient. 

The snacks and treats can be loaded into individual snack boxes, grab-and-go trays (for the office canteen or office party), or clear, drawstring goodie bags. Branded merchandise, like t-shirts and coffee mugs, is also available.

Choice Of Curated Packages (Or Let Employees Build Their Own)

You can send a curated treat where SnackMagic selects the contents. Alternatively, give your staff the choice of a build-your-own treat where they can choose their snack options. This option caters to their unique tastes and needs, which is the best route to take when you don’t know them well.


Pricing starts at $50 per snack box, with no free trial.

Your total costs on the platform will differ depending on your chosen package - once-off or recurring, single gift box, or bulk buy. 

Pros And Cons Of SnackMagic

Here are the pros and cons of using SnackMagic treats as rewards:


  • Most people enjoy treats, and with a variety of options to choose from, SnackMagic caters to many different culinary tastes.
  • Branding is also available, which makes these rewards more professional and engaging.
  • Fun concept, customizable, and easy to use.
  • Can be scheduled to surprise employees or they can choose their snacks once gifted with a snack reward.


  • Products can leak or open in transit.
  • Long delivery times for international shipping.
  • Not a lot of name-brand products available.
  • Can be difficult to navigate the platform.
  • There could be more healthy snack options.
  • Selecting treats for office functions or team meet-ups can be risky without knowing everyone's health status, allergies, or general dietary preferences (religious, cultural or lifestyle choices).

Who Is SnackMagic Best For?

SnackMagic is probably best for smaller, less formal work environments where everyone knows each other’s tastes and dietary requirements well. 

It's also suitable for sending to your clients, suppliers, or remote workers, even globally. However, it may not be the best choice of gifting platform for a more corporate environment. Because it focuses on snacks, it doesn't offer the variety of corporate gifts that larger companies and corporate environments need. 

Key Takeaways

SnackMagic is a fun platform for gifting snacks that appeal to most people’s tastes, which can be great for welcome gifts or as spot rewards. However, there may be better choices than snack boxes for more special occasions. 

With PerkUp, there’s a perk or reward for every employee, every celebration, and every occasion. 

Whether your employees prefer treats and snacks, sports gear, everyday items, or company swag, you can choose from over 1000 different gifts to cater to your employees’ interests. And with our preloaded Visa cards, your employees can choose to get things that they actually want and need. 

If you're considering SnackMagic, but need to go above and beyond the limitations, PerkUp may be the solution for your company and your employees. Book a demo today!

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