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11 Clever Deloitte Employee Benefits Attracting Top Talent

August 11, 2022
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Using a competitive package to garner the interest of potential employees is one of the most important aspects of recruiting. Without incentives, you risk losing employees to other companies with better offerings.

If you’re in the market to emulate the Deloitte employee benefits that make it a great place to work, you’re in luck. Our list covers the top rewards the company offers to draw in new employees and keep its existing workforce engaged.

Eleven Deloitte Employee Benefits and Perks That Make It A Great Place To Work

1. General Health Coverage

Deloitte covers medical insurance, dental, and vision plans for its employees. They receive 100% coverage for in-network preventive services. This includes services like immunization for children, pap smears and mammograms for women, and prostate testing for men. 

Employees also get access to quality care through national network providers, as well as coverage for prescription medication. On top of that, they are protected against the costs of unexpected and life-threatening illness and injury.

2. Live Well Program

Deloitte’s Live Well program is a discreet, short-term solution-focused counseling program for professionals and their dependent family members dealing with various physical, nutritional, and emotional challenges at work or home. 

The program covers marital counseling, child care, anxiety, and workplace problems, among a myriad of other issues that an employee might face.

3. Online Health Portal

Deloitte employees have access to an online health service. It offers a variety of services, including online risk assessment, on-call doctors, medical specialists, and even nutritionists. 

Employees can complete an online health risk assessment through a questionnaire. Once it has been filled out, the employee receives a health assessment based on their answers.

There are also doctors available on call. Deloitte employees can consult a panel of general physicians online. This service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and aims to address any health-related questions an employee may have.

4. Paid Time Off

Deloitte employees are allowed an allotted number of days off for vacation or sick leave. This ranges from 20 to 30 days, depending on the individual’s role. 

5. Maternity Leave

Women professionals can take 26 weeks of paid maternity leave through Deloitte’s maternity leave program. 

As non-primary caregivers, male employees are entitled to five days of adoption or paternity leave and ten days as primary caregivers.

6. Adoption and Surrogacy

Deloitte offers a $50,000 refund to employees who incur expenditures related to the birth of a child through surrogacy or adoption.

This $50,000 is a lifetime cap that covers any reimbursements earned by the employee under either program, regardless of the number of children.

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7. Backup Care

If regular care is unavailable, Deloitte allows employees to take advantage of up to 30 days of backup care for children. This is a great Deloitte employee perk for new parents trying to juggle their work and personal lives. 

8. Car Lease Program

Another Deloitte employee perk is its car lease program. This is available to professionals with the status of 'Senior' or higher. It is a fully loaded lease, which covers insurance and maintenance for three years.

9. Pet Insurance

For many people, their pets are a part of the family. And Deloitte believes that, too. The company offers pet insurance programs to U.S-based employees.

Depending on your chosen plan for your pet, their policy can include coverage for illness. This can include cancer, vaccinations, routine care, deworming, and spaying or neutering. 

10. Sabbaticals

Deloitte has two sabbatical programs available.

The first program allows employees to take one month of unpaid leave for any reason. The other program is a three to six-month sabbatical that an employee might take to encourage them to explore professional and personal growth opportunities.

During their three to six-month time off, employees receive 40% of their base wage.

11. Other Deloitte Employee Perks

Over and above the company’s extensive benefits packages, Deloitte offers some great perks that their employees can enjoy.

For example, Deloitte offers its employees discounts on various goods and services. This includes movie tickets, personal care items, groceries, clothing, electronics, and more.

Employees also have access to onsite gyms and wellness rooms at certain locations. 

Final Thoughts

Deloitte’s employee benefits and perks truly work in their favor. They offer comprehensive benefits and some perks that make their employees’ lives easier. This helps them to retain their employees while attracting new talent. 

If you’re in a similar industry, you might consider offering some of these perks and benefits to your employees to keep them engaged and satisfied.

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