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Best Happy Work Anniversary Gifs To Send To Your Team

August 11, 2022
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If your employee is celebrating a milestone at work, you probably want to send them something to make them smile on their special day. A great way to do this if the situation is appropriate is to share a happy work anniversary Gif.

Gifs are easy to find and send via text or email. In fact, you can easily access Gifs on many of the communication platforms your business might already use, including Slack and WhatsApp. Plus, you can get them off the internet. 

Here, we’ll take you through some of our favourite work anniversary Gifs you can send to a star employee.

Ten Best Happy Work Anniversary Gifs

1. The Office 

There is rarely a situation that doesn’t have a relevant meme or Gif from the hit TV show, ‘The Office’. You will undoubtedly find more than one Gif to keep the anniversary party lighthearted and fun.

If the recognized employee is a fan of Michael Scott and the gang from Scranton, they’ll chuckle at this Gif. Michael is chaotically celebrating with champagne, which could, of course, be on the level of your enthusiasm for your employee’s work anniversary.

2. Congrats

Let's be honest, who doesn’t love a dog… with a monocle? Why not send your star employee this adorable Gif as a congratulatory message. The person is celebrating another year and continues to have the support of your organization. 

3. It’s Time To Celebrate

Napoleon Dynamite is a classic cult comedy that most will know and love, especially Millennials. 

This Napolean Dynamite Gif, featuring the main character doing one of his signature moves, is a happy work anniversary Gif that you can add your own touch to. Add in some text and your gesture will likely stand out.

4. Don’t Forget To Blow Out Your Candles

If cake is on the menu, and it has good reason to be, Seth Meyers has a great demonstration to offer. If this isn’t the coolest way to blow out candles, we don’t know what is. 

The Late Night host has some awesome facial expressions, and provides a funny Gif to include in your employee’s happy work anniversary message

5. You Otter Be Proud

Your employee has good reason to be proud of themselves when they reach an anniversary milestone. What better way to say it than with a happy work anniversary Gif that shows an otter clapping for the person?

6. Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation is another hit comedy TV show with seemingly endless memes and Gif content. Featuring main characters Leslie Knope and Ben Wyatt, this work anniversary Gif is perfect for the employee who gets as excited as Ben is when it comes to celebrating this occasion. 

7. Who’s Awesome?

Your employee is awesome, that’s who. Colin Mochrie, best know for his part in Whose Line Is It Anyway, is sure excited about the occasion, and so are you. Send an improvisational message to your employee, thanking them for their dedication to the company and for being a true team player. 

8. Congrats, Happy Work Anniversary

This Gif communicates three key things: it wishes the employee a happy anniversary while also saying congrats and hard work pays off.

Not only is it a celebration of the employee’s milestone, but it also reminds them that their efforts don’t go unnoticed. It identifies their ability to meet challenges and succeed, highlighting the very valid reasons for their recognition.

9. Friends Will Be Friends

Yet another timeless TV classic that almost everyone knows is Friends. A Friends’ happy work anniversary Gif will never get old. The Gif featuring Phoebe and Rachel jumping up and down excitedly, clapping their hands, is a great way to express your excitement and pride for an employee’s anniversary. 

10. Schitt’s Creek

For the final television reference and Gif on the list, it would be amiss to leave out the highly acclaimed ‘Schitt’s Creek’. Schitt’s Creek took the world by storm with its progressive storyline and endearing characters.

Here, Alexis is saying, ‘Happy Anniversary.’ Anyone who followed the show will love this work anniversary Gif. 

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Final Thoughts

Sending the perfect happy work anniversary Gif to an employee will show them that you recognize their contributions and want to celebrate the occasion with them.

Try to use a Gif that relates to the person as an individual, focusing on their interests, hobbies, or personality traits. The options are endless, but with the right Gif, you're bound to make their day.

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