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How To Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day 2022

June 2, 2022
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Every employee deserves to have their efforts acknowledged. Employee Appreciation Day 2022 is the perfect opportunity to show your people some love. 

The past two years have been turbulent for employees everywhere. People have faced the challenges of remote and hybrid work during a global pandemic. They’ve also had to manage job insecurity and organizational restructurings. 

So showing your team appreciation is more important than ever.

If you are already working on building a great corporate culture, you know that recognizing employees is not only an annual event. The culture of an organization depends on everyday interactions.

It is especially important to recognize employees on National Employee Appreciation Day 2022 when companies everywhere show that they value their employees' dedication.

When is Employee Appreciation Day in 2022?

Employee Appreciation Day is observed on the first Friday of March. So this year it falls on March 4, 2022. Be sure to mark the date!

Employee Appreciation Day 2022 is a day for employers to show their appreciation to their employees for all the hard work they do. It’s as simple as that.

How to Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day 2022 

Employee Appreciation Day 2022 is a unique opportunity to recognize and thank every one of your people. 

Be sure to thank everyone, regardless of whether they work in the office or remotely. If you arrange a celebration in the office, make an effort to invite remote workers.

Covid-19 forced us out of our office environments. As a result, employers and employees have had to develop creative strategies and pandemic-proof channels to include all team members in day-to-day operations.

With ongoing uncertainty, disruptions, and restrictions in some countries, the approach to celebrating Employee Appreciation Day in 2022 needs to be equally creative. Find ways to include office and remote workers alike in functions and celebrations.

15 Ideas for Celebrating Employee Appreciation Day 2022

1. Give a Speech

Employees need to hear from leadership, especially during challenging times. Make your speech sincere and relevant to your company and employees. Be warm and specific with any praise you give. 

On Employee Appreciation Day, a message from the CEO or management will mean a lot to your employees. Leaders should convey a positive message that emphasizes the teams' valuable contributions to the organizations' success. 

Make more of the event by celebrating with a meal or treats and throw in a special gift or some extra perks for the day. If you’re looking for inspiration, check out our guide on employee appreciation speeches.

2.  Personalized Notes and Cards

While a handwritten note has a personal touch, it may not be practical for a large team. Consider sending a customized note or card by email to each member of your staff on Employee Appreciation Day in 2022. 

Include specifics about their contributions and emphasize their accomplishments. They'll appreciate that you took the time to recognize their efforts.

3. Spread the Thanks 

Ask the executive team to answer the question, “What do you value most about our employees?” 

Make posters out of the quotes and plaster them all over the office and in an online Slack channel for Employee Appreciation Day. Display them on the breakroom's shared screens and homepage of your internal communication sites. Spread the word on social media. 

You'll boost morale among your employees and make them feel special.

4. Social Media Shout-Out

Leveraging social media is an excellent way to show your team some praise publicly. Write a sincere message on the company's LinkedIn and other social media pages. Make it eye-catching with photos or post a video message for a more personal touch. 

5. Company swag 

Company swag or branded gear is a great way to promote inclusivity. It also helps to promote your brand. Add a personal touch by embroidering your employees' names on the items. Company swag can make an excellent addition to gift baskets too. 

There are countless possibilities, but here are a few suggestions if you are short on ideas:

  • Sweaters, t-shirts, and caps
  • Mugs and water bottles
  • Stationery
  • Laptop stickers

6. Host a Virtual Employee Appreciation Day 2022 

You may have read our article on celebrating work anniversaries remotely. In similar fashion, why not hold an online Employee Appreciation Day meet-up for your remote or hybrid team. The number of people who work remotely is increasing, and some organizations are even fully remote. But this does not mean you can forgo Employee Appreciation Day. 

Facilitate a fun online game and share pop-ups of quotes from management that express their appreciation of the team. 

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7. Care Packages 

Care packages are creative and do not have to be expensive. Add treats, gift cards, and company swag. Care packages can be a wonderful addition to a company lunch or employee appreciation party

8. Virtual Escape Room Adventure

Online escape rooms are an excellent team-building activity. Conducted via Zoom or another similar platform, teams have to solve puzzles together to escape a room. It’s an entertaining and unique way to engage with your employees on Employee Appreciation Day. 

9. Creative Team Activities 

Participating in creative activities is not only fun; it’s also relaxing and encourages interaction among colleagues.

Take part in a crafts or painting workshop. This is another way to build your team culture and get to know everyone better. Many classes and experiences are offered online for those who work remotely.

10. Cater a Fantastic Office Lunch

A buffet is usually a good idea with no pre-arranged seating, so people are encouraged to mingle. This is another opportunity to use those posters with messages of appreciation from the whole executive team. If your team is remote, we can help!

11. Plan a Field Trip 

Otherwise known as learning expeditions, field trips are an opportunity to inspire new ideas. A field trip can be a combination of workshops, visits to similar organizations, or conferences.

Break your typical routine and take your people out of their comfort zones. Not only is a field trip a brilliant way to engage with your team, it also creates more profound and meaningful connections within your organization.

12. Arrange a Team-Building Event

Team building events can serve several purposes, including communication, trust-building, decision-making, and planning activities. 

Nothing quite boosts engagement like an exciting team-building event. This is an excellent opportunity to show appreciation for your staff while fostering transparent communication with management. 

13. Give the Gift of Time 

Surprise your team by giving them a couple of extra hours off during the month of March in celebration of Employee Appreciation Day in 2022. 

Lack of flexibility in work hours is one of the leading causes of employee dissatisfaction. Daily life can be exhausting, so giving your employee some extra time to re-energize will boost productivity.

Time off to engage in a hobby or family time contributes to a better work-life balance, which is essential for physical and mental well-being. 

Giving your people extra time off will no doubt be well-received and will show your appreciation. 

14. PerkUp Reward 

If you have not already initiated a custom employee rewards program, now might be the time to do so. With PerkUp’s reward cards, employers can send their teams awesome rewards to express their appreciation and boost employee engagement year-round.

Why Does Showing Staff Appreciation Matter Right Now? 

According to The Wall Street Journal, in August 2021 alone, 4.3 million American employees quit their jobs. Employee dissatisfaction with wages was blamed for the Great Resignation, but a deeper look into the reasons reveals some other concerning statistics. 

It seems bad corporate cultures are more to blame for high staff turnovers. Closely related reasons are the failure to recognize employee performance alongside work stress and long hours.

Another recent survey found that 40% of employees believe that the few gestures of appreciation they receive at work are empty in any case. This is frequently the outcome of firms only rewarding staff with a small bonus at Christmas, if at all.

It does not require excessive spending to make Employee Appreciation Day a success. Recognition of an employee's worth is something that money cannot buy, and too many leaders forget that.

The Benefits of Showing Your Staff Genuine Appreciation

  • Optimizes productivity and promotes hard work
  • Increases employee retention 
  • Contributes to a positive employee experience and job satisfaction
  • Fosters a stronger company culture
  • Increases positivity in the workplace, which decreases stress and promotes wellness  

You can raise employee engagement, boost employee morale, make the company a great place to work, and create a corporate culture where people thrive on being valued.

According to the 2022 Global Culture Report, there is an 84% reduction in the likelihood of burnout when staff members feel appreciated.

Employee Appreciation Day events in 2022 give managers an excellent opportunity to form sincere connections with their staff. Remember, the manager-employee relationship largely influences workforce satisfaction.

Employee Appreciation Day also provides organizations with an opportunity to motivate staff to give their best. Employees are more likely to strive for excellence in their projects and tasks when companies make extra efforts to recognize outstanding work. 

Never underestimate the power of acknowledgment and giving praise when it is due.


Appreciated employees outperform other employees across industries, company sizes, nationalities, and in good and bad economic times. 

Employee Appreciation Day in 2022 is an excellent opportunity to kick off your recognition strategy for the year. While a day of fun can boost overall company morale, appreciation needs to be shown all year round to keep your staff motivated and retain a skilled workforce. 

An excellent way to achieve this is to introduce a rewards program to provide employees with the recognition they desire.

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