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The Right Way To Do A LinkedIn Work Anniversary Post

August 11, 2022
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Writing a LinkedIn work anniversary post to celebrate your employee’s important milestone is a great way to show your professional appreciation. 

The platform is dedicated to professionals, so it’s the perfect place to recognize employees who take their tenure with your business seriously. 

Not only is the message broadcast to all your followers, but theirs as well. It’s a marker of achieving great things together and is an excellent way to provide the official recognition the person deserves. 

What Is A Work Anniversary? 

A work anniversary is a milestone an employee celebrates when they complete one or more years of service. Importantly, each year is an occasion and an opportunity for the business to show its gratitude to the person for the time they have invested in making it successful. 

Work anniversaries are usually celebrated every year. Depending on the company, a bit more effort may go into notable milestones such as the 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, and 50-year marks. 

Businesses have many options to acknowledge and celebrate a work anniversary. You might:

  • make an event of it
  • deliver a card
  • give a gift
  • create a post to share on the company intranet, newsletter, or social media channels
  • offer an experience 
  • present a reward
  • give a bonus
  • add perks to the person’s compensation package
  • and more...

Why Should You Celebrate It?

Providing recognition and appreciation to your employee on their work anniversary lets them know that you care. 

As far as motivators in the workplace go, being appreciated and recognized tops the list of employee incentives. For the majority of people, it can even be more desirable than monetary rewards. 

In fact, a study by Reward Gateway found that 49% of employees would leave their job if they felt under-appreciated or unrecognized for their hard work.

The same study also found that a whopping 52% of employees felt that their employer could do more to acknowledge them. 

This signals a close tie between appreciation, recognition, and job satisfaction. 

Celebrating milestones like this can also foster healthy engagement between your business and its valuable team. This will result in a more positive company culture and better brand perception. 

At the end of the day, all of these factors lend to creating space for a talented workforce that is engaged, satisfied, and willing to put in the distance for your business.

Crafting a LinkedIn work anniversary post is just one of the many ways to tip your hat to your company’s biggest advocates.  

What Is A LinkedIn Work Anniversary Post?

A LinkedIn work anniversary post is just that... a post on LinkedIn congratulating your employee on reaching a specific milestone.  

When an employee celebrates their work anniversary, LinkedIn automatically sends their connections a notification and allows their contacts to congratulate them on their achievements. 

Many of their contacts will opt to send the suggested auto-generated message that LinkedIn presents them with. 

However, "Congrats on your Work Anniversary!" doesn't seem all that personal. Plus, it’s not likely to garner much attention from people in both your networks. After all, the point is to have an ‘all-eyes-on-you’ moment for the employee in question.

This is where, as an employer, you can up the ante on appreciation. You can take this online interaction a step up from the platform’s auto-generated post by crafting a meaningful message for your all-star.

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Three Ways To Create A LinkedIn Work Anniversary Post

As one of your employee's contacts on LinkedIn, you will likely receive a notification reminding you of their LinkedIn work anniversary. The anniversary will be linked to the month and year they began working at the company, as per their profile. 

The best way to respond to these notifications is to reach out to your employee with a personalized message of congratulations. 

Here, we’ve compiled a few ideas to craft the perfect LinkedIn work anniversary post for your employee. 

1. Give The Employee A Direct Shout Out

Update your status on LinkedIn with a message to congratulate your employee. Important here is to mention them by name and tag them in the post. 

To do this, type in “@employeename'' and select it from the list. Then add your message of congratulations, appropriate emojis, and even images or videos to complete the post. 

Once you hit send, the person will be notified and the post will be public for your networks to see. Plus, they will appreciate the gesture of recognition from the company. 

You can post from your profile as a position of authority in the business, for example, head of HR. Alternatively, post as the business itself.  

2. Create A Happy Work Anniversary Video

A quick video with cameo performances from management and the person’s immediate team is a great idea for a LinkedIn work anniversary post. 

Simply ask the contributors to record a one-liner congratulating the person on the big date.  

It’s a fun and interactive way to send wishes and doesn’t have to be difficult to put together. A smartphone and quick editing can do the trick. 

Be sure to keep the clips short and professional, especially as this is going on LinkedIn. Your employee is bound to feel special receiving it and can show it to their family and friends. 

3. Give Kudos

Kudos can be given publicly or sent in private. Plus, you can set the audience to anyone on the internet, anyone on LinkedIn, or only LinkedIn connections. You can also automatically share the post on Twitter. 

The Kudos feature allows you to show your employee appreciation. You can select a template or the type of Kudos you would like to give. Then customize the post message, tag your employee, and add hashtags to it. 

Tips For Crafting Your Message

Highlight Your Employee’s Contributions

This is perhaps the most essential aspect of your LinkedIn anniversary post. Make it very clear why you are creating and tagging your employee in the post in the first place. 

Your message should commend your employee on their achievements while working at the company. It should also specifically acknowledge the important milestone.

Hit The Correct Level Of Professionalism

LinkedIn is a professional network. So, you do want to hit the right tone for this type of post. Keep in mind that the internet at large might possibly see it, so craft the message accordingly. 

Personalize The Message

As an employer, it is crucial to make each individual employee feel united with the company and remind them that they are an integral part of what makes your business work. 

Avoid vague acknowledgments that could be suited to anyone. Simply saying “I appreciate everything you do for the company” can make it seem as if you are unaware of their role or purpose. 

Instead, try to make your message as specific as possible. 

Final Thoughts

LinkedIn is a fantastic platform to give your hard-working employee the recognition they deserve on their workaversary. Take a personalized approach to creating your LinkedIn work anniversary post, and engage with the person in the format that would resonate with them the most. 

This simple gesture can go a long way in increasing work satisfaction, promoting retention, and indeed attracting talent to your business in the first place. After all, good news travels fast and potential candidates will soon learn of your supportive culture and stellar brand reputation.

Check out our other blogs here for more ideas on how to celebrate a milestone, including gifts, memes, quotes, rewards, and more.

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