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How To Say Congratulations To Your Employee Of The Month

August 5, 2022
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Looking for ideas on the best way to say congratulations employee of the month?

This small effort to show your employee you value them has many benefits for your company, including increased productivity, boosted morale, and a competitive edge. 

Although the employee of the month award is one of the oldest and most effective ways of recognizing your top performer’s hard work, there are many ways to congratulate the stellar people who work for your organization. 

If you’re looking to spruce up your employee of the month program, keep reading for helpful tips and tricks!

What Does It Mean To Be Employee Of The Month?

‘Employee of the month’ is a title given to the team member who has stood out from the rest of the office in a particular month. 

The employees who receive this honorable title are often dedicated and high performing. Pairing this title with another incentive, such as a gift, makes it an attractive goal for people to strive towards. 

This award aims to recognize and thank your employee for their hard work and dedication to the company.

The recipient is usually determined according to a specific set of criteria which may include meeting certain targets, bringing in a certain amount of money, or receiving a certain number of good reviews from customers.

Benefits Of Celebrating Top Performing Employees

Let’s look at some benefits that a solid employee of the month program can offer your company.

Improved Productivity

It’s easy for employees to start to feel despondent when they work hard each day and don’t get recognized. This can make them feel like cogs in a machine rather than part of a team. 

The reality is productivity levels can start to drop if employee enthusiasm and engagement fall.

On the other hand, employees who feel valued are often willing to put more time and effort into the work they produce. With a small gesture to show your appreciation, employees perform better. 

Plus, others are encouraged to work with greater intention after one person receives recognition. Your employees will be motivated by the potential to receive a reward, incentive, or some other form of acknowledgment.

This boosted motivation can lead to a more productive workplace. 

Boosted Morale

Receiving an employee of the month award can make team members feel accomplished. It can also act as a confidence booster. As a result, the company culture is a far happier and more driven one. 

Employees with increased confidence may feel more comfortable taking on bigger tasks and challenging themselves. 

An employee of the month award is a great way to individually thank team members who have gone the extra mile. People who feel as though management is invested in them are more likely to put their best foot forward. 

Increased Employee Engagement

As we mentioned above, employees become more motivated and confident when they feel appreciated. As a result, they become more absorbed in their roles and teams and are more engaged in their work. 

Engaged employees are more invested in their position within your company. This leads to an aligned company vision from the bottom tier to the top tier. 

Employees who see your company's success as their own will work harder to drive the business to its full potential.

Lower Employee Turnover

One of the most significant benefits of employee recognition is increased team loyalty and retention. 

The saying goes, an employee who leaves for a bigger salary may return for the culture. But, an employee who leaves because of the culture will never return for the salary.

Constantly replacing people on your team is an expensive exercise. On average, it can cost between six and nine months of the leaver’s salary. Going through recruitment, training, and onboarding can significantly set the company back financially.

When employees feel their hard work is acknowledged, they feel comfortable in their roles. As a result, they are more likely to stay with your company, even if they receive a better offer elsewhere.

The short of it is, appreciating your employees can lead to some major financial savings.

Why Congratulate Your Employee Of The Month?

Strengthen Company Values

Company values are apparent when looking at culture, customer relations, and output. It’s not necessarily an easy task to align your company values with those of your employees. That's where an employee of the month award program can be beneficial.

Good programs are set up to align with and promote existing and desirable company values. These also help to clarify the expectations and standards that you expect from your team. 

When an employee notices a certain standard of behavior is positively recognized and appreciated, they will work toward those standards. This can help your whole company work to a higher standard across departments.

Recognize Your Employees

The benefit of having an employee of the month program is right in the name - it happens monthly. This means that you have an opportunity to regularly recognize the people who work for your organization.

This also means that everyone gets a shot at individual recognition and is motivated to do their best each month. 

Regular recognition provides an ample opportunity to boost company culture! 

How Best To Say “Congratulations Employee Of The Month”

We know now what an employee of the month award program is and why your company should implement one. Next, let's look at the many rewards you can offer the hardworking person who takes home the title.

PerkUp Rewards Card

A great option as a reward for your employee of the month is a PerkUp rewards card. Employees don’t need another trinket, like a lanyard or another random item they won’t use. 

Employees appreciate seeing and feeling as though management is invested in them. When giving employees gifts, rewards cards are an excellent option. 

You can load a PerkUp rewards card with a gift chosen specifically for your employee. You could also offer them options to choose from! A great way is to simply load the card with a dollar amount.

This means that employees can use this amount anywhere that accepts Visa payments. They can use this money to purchase incentives they genuinely want - lunch, healthcare, and more. 

The best part about these cards is that you can reclaim unused amounts. If employees don’t use the funds within a specific period, the money returns to your company. 

Unlike standard gift cards, where you can’t reclaim unspent funds, PerkUp allows you to minimize wastage.

Beats By Dre Beats Studio Buds ($149.95)

A fun gift that says congratulations employee of the month is a pair of high-quality earphones. These Beats By Dre earphones go for around $149.95 and are worth every cent!

Great earphones are the perfect way to thank your star employees. They can be used for everything - from listening to music at work to pumping their way through a gym set. They’re also sweat resistant - so if your employee loves to get active, this is the way to go.  

These earphones are noise canceling, and Bluetooth powered. They work with Apple and Android devices, so you shouldn’t need to worry about compatibility issues. 

Try adding a card with an employee of the month congratulations message from different members of the workplace. Not only will this make the person feel super special, but it will also help them to connect with colleagues.

Deux Cookie Dough Best Sellers Mini Pack ($45)

Nothing makes an employee feel more loved and appreciated than some good old cookie dough. They can share this with their colleagues or simply take it home to snack on in private.  

These little jars of cookie dough pack a punch! Not only are they gluten-free and vegan, but they’re reinforced with some healthy ingredients! 

Your employee of the month will love this variety pack. There are two jars each of chocolate chip, birthday cake, and brownie batter cookie dough! Each flavor is reinforced with a special ingredient such as zinc, ashwagandha, aloe vera, or vitamin C. 

These jars are great for on-the-go snacks or snuggling up to watch a movie. They are also pretty affordable and are sure to make the recipient beam!

To boost the cookie dough gift, why not send out an email with a congratulatory message? This is the perfect way to let your star employee know it’s their month to shine. 

Online And In-Person Shoutouts

Another way to make your employee feel special and say congratulations is through an online or in-person shoutout.

If all team members are in the office, you could create a central area on the office wall to show your appreciation. A decorated area with a shout-out saying congratulations employee of the month and the hard-working employee's photograph is a great way to show appreciation.

Alternatively, send a congratulatory message on the company’s online communication channel. 

Whether it's in the office or online, it doesn't matter. As long as the person receives the deserved acknowledgment, you’re one step closer to a more engaged workforce! 

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Drizzle Honey Gourmet Raw Honeycomb ($21.99)

What better way to congratulate your employee of the month than with some gourmet goodies? 

Raw honeycomb is a true delicacy. If your employee has a sweet tooth and a taste for the finer things in life - this is the way to go! For $21.99, your employee can add some luxury to their granola or simply put it straight into their mouth! 

Honey is excellent alone. However - one way to step up this sweet treat is to add the comb! Raw honeycomb is edible and beloved by many. This honeycomb can be paired with some good cheese, fruit, bread, or even meat! 

If your employee loves a good charcuterie board, you won’t want to miss out on this! 

Keychron Wireless Mechanical Keyboard ($94.99)

Gifts that can be used daily are perfect for employee of the month rewards. What better way to celebrate the occasion than to invest in your top performer’s comfort at your company?

A nicely spec’d keyboard like this will make the recipient beam. This keyboard is wireless and Bluetooth compatible. It is also USB wired, with a Type-C connection. 

Whether the person dabbles lightly in gaming or wishes to use the keyboard in the office or at home, they will appreciate this reward. Using Bluetooth, they can connect this keyboard to up to three devices at a time, easily switching between them.  

Lucky Bonsai Live Dwarf Bonsai Tree ($47.30)

This reward will allow your employee of the month to live their green thumb dreams! Bonsai trees are sophisticated and will bring some life into the person’s space. 

This is a step up from growing lemongrass in the office kitchen. If your employee loves plants - show them your appreciation with this gorgeous, living art. 

Bonsai trees carry with them the air of peace and harmony. This one will be around seven years old, and you want your employee to stick around for the next seven years!  It’s a beautiful gift to congratulate a stand-out employee.

SQUISH Candy Treat Yourself Jumbo Mix ($26.75)

If your employee would enjoy a big treat bag, hop on the SQUISH train! These jumbo bags offer a variety of exciting and delicious gummy sweets. 

In this bag, you’ll find some classic, much-loved original flavored sweets. You’ll also find some new and interesting flavors, such as chili ginger. 

There are also some wine-esque gummies thrown in, although note that these don’t actually contain alcohol. 

Your employee can enjoy 24 little treat bags, with 12 different flavors. These can be kept in an office drawer as little work snacks or taken home to share with friends and family. 

Whatever the use - your all-star will love them. 

How To Ensure You’ve Got A Great Employee Of The Month Program

The key to a successful employee of the month program is to implement it correctly. Below, we take a quick look at how you can ensure an effective and successful program.

Know Your Program Objectives

The employee of the month program is the perfect way to promote your company’s core values across the board.

The best starting point is to set out what you wish to achieve with this program. In other words, what goals do you want your employees to reach that speak to your core values?

For example, if you are looking for innovation in the company, rewarding employees for their new ideas and creative approaches may be a good idea. 

Or, if you are looking to focus more on teamwork, reward people for collaborating well in their team projects.

Have Clear Criteria

Another factor essential to the program's success is that it is fair. To ensure this, you must set clear criteria to help employees understand how to succeed in this program.

This way, each person knows exactly what they need to do to reach the goal. Similarly, they can see where they have fallen short. 

Some behaviors to recognize through your program include team building and collaboration skills, new ideas, creativity, and great customer service. 

You could also aim to promote achieving targets and work commitment. 

Set The Rewards

Make sure to set the rewards before the program starts. These can change as the months go but be sure to let all your employees know what’s up for grabs before the month begins.

Consider combining some monetary awards with non-monetary awards, such as shoutouts, to show your appreciation.

Be sure to consult your team and employees before setting anything in stone. Their feedback is vital as it allows you to personalize the rewards and tailor them to meet your employees’ needs.

Transparent Process of Nomination 

The program's success will always require the selection process to be fair and transparent. Everyone must feel like they have a chance to achieve the goals set out.

If you use a voting system, the guidelines should set out who can vote, who the nominees are, and when to vote. You can base your nomination process on employee surveys or managers' opinions. 

With everything set out, employees will trust the system and enjoy the reward.

Final Thoughts

Your employees hold the key to everything in the organization - they ultimately drive the business to success. As a result, you need to find ways to make your employees feel confident and appreciated.

An employee of the month award program is the perfect way to do this. Whether you say “congratulations employee of the month” with a PerkUp rewards card or a bonsai tree, you’re taking solid steps toward a happy and motivated team!

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