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When To Write A Thank You Note To Employees

August 5, 2022
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There are many can’t miss opportunities to give your employees the recognition they’ve earned. One way to do something personal and always appreciated is to write a thank you to your employee. 

It’s easy for work and effort to go unnoticed in the chaos of the daily grind. That’s why it’s so important to acknowledge moments when employees reach milestones, achieve goals, or simply go above and beyond in some way. 

So, what counts as an appropriate milestone to write a heartfelt thank you note? 

Thank You Note To Employees: When Should You Write One?


One of the most personal milestones for any employee is their birthday. Birthdays represent good times, new chapters, and special memories for many. 

The day holds a significant meaning for a lot of people. That’s why writing your celebrated achiever a short thank you note is a great idea! This note should describe how important that person’s role in the company is.

People like to feel special on their birthday, and acknowledging hard work goes a long way. Employees will remember the gesture and appreciate the thanks for their efforts.


Employees who have worked at your company for many years deserve recognition for their loyalty and dedication. 

Offering thank you notes to employees who hit milestones such as five or ten years of service can leave a lasting impression. Not only will it impact how that employee feels about their service, but it will also impact their willingness to continue under you.

There’s no substitute for experience! Ensuring that veterans in your company enjoy their jobs can improve productivity and work ethic.


On the note of veteran employees, retirement is another important milestone for writing a thank you letter. 

If your employee has worked with your business for a long time, appreciating their hard work makes a difference! Retirement can feel scary and uncertain, so giving out some reassuring, grateful words to your retiring team members is a great idea.

When saying goodbye to long-time employees, you want their experience with your company to be both positive and memorable. A well-worded goodbye and thank you letter will do the trick.

How To Write An Employee Appreciation Email

Hard Work Paying Off

When an employee goes the extra mile to get a challenging job done, they deserve appreciation

A warm letter of appreciation should convey the value their work brought to the business. Not only will this make the employee feel good, but it’ll also encourage them to keep up the momentum in the future. 

A happy employee and a productivity boost to go with it - what more could a company ask for?

The added benefit is that other employees will feel inspired to match the work standard of their co-workers.


Team dynamics aren’t easy to predict and navigate. That’s why it takes a strong leader to keep everybody on track and on schedule. 

When a team leader guides your employees through a tough job, a letter of thanks is in order. Managing a team of individuals is no joke - having that effort recognized is a great feeling.

This sense of pride and accomplishment will also translate to the next time the team works on a big project.

Reaching Sales Goals

When individuals reach impressive sales targets, they deserve recognition and thanks. This recognition could be given out per significant period. For your business, this could mean monthly, quarterly or yearly. 

While choosing milestones further apart could make the reward more significant, smaller milestones give employees more chances to be recognized. You should decide which milestones to reward as part of your employee rewards program. 

Reaching sales goals isn’t a guarantee, so rewarding those who reach them establishes the importance of the milestone. 

Kind words and sincere thanks serve as an incentive for everyone to push harder in their roles. People who feel their efforts are recognized are more likely to put their best foot forward. 

It has a knock-on effect on the team. Anyone who sees their co-workers being acknowledged by management will be incentivized to put the effort in too. 

Final Thoughts

Employee thank you notes can be a valuable tool in your business. Not only does it make the recipient feel recognized, acknowledged, and appreciated, but it also encourages more productive behavior in the future.

Do you want to go the extra mile and reward employees in a tangible way? Consider including a PerkUp reward with your thank you note. These pre-loaded Visa cards allow employees to choose their own incentives. 

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