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Pizza Hut Benefits - The 5 Benefits Employees Love

June 2, 2022
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If you’re heading up a food chain outlet, you might be looking into Pizza Hut benefits the company offers its employees. After all, you’ll need to put a competitive package on the table to attract top talent in the industry. 

A salary is fine and well, but it’s often the broader benefits, perks, and working environment that make the difference in maintaining a happy workforce. 

Let’s look at what kind of perks Pizza Hut has to offer its employees and how that leads to a healthy and beneficial relationship between employer and employee. 

Pizza Hut Benefits & Perks That Employees Love

1. Life Unboxed Edu

Life Unboxed Edu is a continuous learning program available to all Pizza Hut employees, even hourly workers. 

The program is available through Excelsior College and offers Pizza Hut employees and their immediate family members college credits, tuition fees, and discounts to further their education. 

Every eligible member receives 45% off their undergraduate studies and 15% off graduate programs at Excelsior. Additionally, the company pays up to $5,250 a year in tuition for each program participant. 

The fund can go toward books and other fees, and is a direct fund. This means that employees can start their studies almost immediately with an upfront payment and not have to wait for a reimbursement.

Through the Life Unboxed Edu program, Pizza Hut can better support the people who make it great. Perks-wise, education is an attractive incentive for young and old employees alike, giving them the chance to advance their career goals. 

2. Balance In Work and Personal Life

Corporate employees who work at the company’s head offices can expect their package to include a handful of extra incentives. These Pizza Hut perks are designed to help the workers maintain a healthy balance between their work and personal lives.

One example is the company policy that states employees only have to work half-day on Fridays. This gives them extra personal time as well as time to recover from fatigue. The company isn’t necessarily losing out on productive time with this policy either. Studies show that longer working hours do not result in getting more work done, only that it takes more time to do the job.

Another perk that contributes to work-life balance is on-site childcare. With on-site childcare, employees can come to work and drop off their children, knowing that they will be safe and entertained for the day. In turn, this allows parents to keep focused on the job and be more productive. 

Then, there is also paid parental leave, which helps people maintain balance. Pizza Hut benefits here include 18 weeks maternity leave and six weeks paternity. 

This is more than the national average amount many companies offer, which is 10 weeks maternity and less than five weeks paternity. 

3. Health Benefits

When people are healthy, they function at their best. So, when a company provides perks for health coverage, it assures employees that they have the financial means to look after themselves and their loved ones. 

Pizza Hut supports this notion and offers workers comprehensive insurance for medical, vision, and dental. This includes things like prescription drug coverage and accident and disability coverage. 

Other health benefits that employees receive are preventative care and life insurance. 

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4. Financial Incentives

Team members at Pizza Hut get the benefit of paid overtime. Overtime refers to 40 or more hours in a week and the pay is then calculated according to time and a half pay.

Most employees love paid overtime as a perk. That’s because it allows them to put in more time at work and increase their earning potential.

Pizza Hut also incorporates a 401(k) plan for its employees. This is a retirement savings plan that many US employers offer. How it works is the 401(k) plan takes a certain percentage off each person’s paycheck and puts it directly into an investment account. The employee then gets to pick from various investment options, typically mutual funds. 

Pizza Hut offers a 6% company match without any delay.

5. Wellness Benefits

While store employees don’t have access to wellness benefits, corporate employees who work in the company offices do. 

At some of the Pizza Hut offices, employees have access to on-site fitness centers. This makes it easier for people to ensure they get time in for exercise. They can slot in a workout during the day instead of having to find time after hours. 

Other Pizza Hut benefits include gym discounts, weight and nutrition management programs, on-site massage therapy, health screenings, and a walking trail.

Overall, these benefits are designed to promote a healthy mind and body for employees. There is a lot of evidence that supports the notion that keeping physically healthy has psychological benefits and vice versa. A company that pays attention to this stands a higher chance of gaining loyal employees.

Perks Benefit Everyone

We hope that you’ve found some inspiration after reading about the benefits and perks Pizza Hut offers its employees. 

As a takeaway, be aware that a salary isn’t the be-all and end-all to attract talent in today’s working climate. The more you can show prospective and existing employees how invested you are in their general wellbeing through added incentives, the better your chances of inviting them to join your company. 

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