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Retirement Gift Ideas for Employees

June 21, 2022
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Many companies mark the occasion of an employee retiring with a celebration. Of course, a gift is often a big part of the process of bidding the person farewell and showing your appreciation for their contributions over the years. 

If you’re looking for inspiration on retirement gift ideas, we’ve put together a list to help you.  

Retirement is a huge achievement in one's life and a significant transition. If the person has been working for the company for some time, saying goodbye can also be a bittersweet moment. Luckily, many gift options can serve as the perfect goodbye gesture. 

Above all, aim to find a present that’s both meaningful and sentimental for the retiree. To be a gift that keeps on giving, it should remind them of their coworkers and time at the company. 

Brilliant Retirement Gift Ideas for Employees

Interestingly, according to Pew Research, the average retirement age has seen a recent drop due to the pandemic. In 2021, around 50% of adults over 55 years exited the job market to retire. 

This figure was just over 48% in 2019. 

And in the 65 to 74-year age group, the figure was close to 67% in 2021, compared with 64% in 2019. 


This means that you potentially have a string of retirements in the pipeline as your Gen X and Baby Boomer employees leave the working world for a more laid-back lifestyle. Here are some ideas to show your appreciation and give employees a souvenir of their illustrious careers. 

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Memorable Experience 

For the adventurous person, retirement can be an opportunity to discover more of the world. Consider spoiling this person with an experience that will leave them with incredible memories and keep them active. You will be gifting something they love and giving them something to look forward to. 

Paid Vacation

Have an employee who can’t stop talking about their eco-adventure vacation or where they want to go trekking next? 

Your soon-to-be-retired employee is about to have more time on their hands. Why not spoil them with a vacation to help them acclimatize to life out of the office. 


No matter your budget size, booking some time away with a significant other is sure to put a smile on their face.

Lifestyle Club Pass or Membership

Many companies offer their employees fitness perks to keep them active, fit, and healthy. Why not extend the offer after they retire with a booklet of passes or one-year membership to a lifestyle center?


Some clubs offer discounted rates to retirees and offer loads of fun activities - think tennis, golf, bowls, yoga, Zumba, or water aerobics.


This will keep your employee active and may even enhance their social life after retiring. 


Retirement is the time for leisurely afternoons in the garden or on the beach. And what better way for the new retiree to spend the afternoons than with their nose in a book?


As far as retirement gift ideas go, Kindles are a great way for the person to keep all their books in one place and easily access them.


To add to this gift, you can upload books your former employee might be interested in onto the Kindle. Or, consider providing them access to an expansive online bookstore, such as Barnes and Noble. 

Novel or Rare Books

This is one for the person who prefers to collect hard copy books. A novel or rare book or book set can be pure gold for a collector. 


If you invest in something special, such as a set of encyclopedias or signed author copy, it will be something great to remember the company by.


For a personal touch, write a personalized message in the book to ensure that your employee never forgets you.

Smart Watch

A watch is a traditional retirement gift for employees across the world. But the tech-savvy employee might love a smartwatch.


A smartwatch can help keep their health in check and increase their productivity at home.

In addition, smartwatches can ensure that they keep up to date with the latest news, updates, and music. It’s a handy piece of tech that looks to the future while serving as the perfect memento for years of service. 

Educational Course

There are many education-related perks or programs to offer someone with the never-ending desire to learn more. 


If you know that your employee has always wanted to learn German or how to knit a beret, why not treat them to a learning course that can teach them these skills?


Whether this is an online course or a week-long intensive that they have to attend in person, the retiree is sure to thank you for broadening their horizons with skills they did not have before. 

Personalized Photo Album

Photo albums are an age-old way of preserving memories and ensuring that good times are remembered. 

For the sentimental employee, a collection of their best memories at the company will remind them of everything they achieved while there. 

In addition, they may look at their photos on days when they miss their colleagues at work. 

You can also add handwritten notes with words to remember each employee by for some extra sentiment. 

Host A Retirement Party

A final team gathering is an excellent opportunity for everyone to say goodbye before the retiree’s last day. Make a formal affair of it and invite everyone to join in. 

Team lunches are a popular way to connect with colleagues or celebrate an event. Alternatively, you can hire a venue or use the boardroom at the office. 

Ahead of the event, arrange for the relevant people to give speeches. Importantly, grab a personalized cake and make the day a celebration of the person’s accomplishments during their tenure.  

Good Wine Or Whiskey

Retirement is a particularly opportune time to enjoy the finer things in life. For the whiskey or wine connoisseur, a nice bottle of their favorite tipple is always appreciated. 

As an extra touch, include a decanter and a set of glasses. You can even engrave these with a personal message to commemorate the person. 

Gift Artwork

Art is another collector’s item that can be greatly appreciated. This is something they can hang in their house and look at when the nostalgia hits. 

Spa Weekend

Retirement is a phase in life where people aim to relax, recuperate, and spend time on themselves.


So, it’s a great idea to treat the retiree to a spa voucher, spa weekend, or other rewards so they may start their journey into retirement on the right note. You will be hard-pressed to find someone who deserves a bit of pampering more than your employee after many years of hard work and dedicated service. 

Plant A Tree In Their Honor

While you might not have green space in your office, it’s still possible to plant a tree in honor of your employee in a green lot or forest. Take the team on an outing to plant it and take photos of the occasion. 

As a memento, gift the person a plaque with the tree’s coordinates and a photo of them in action during the planting ceremony. It’s a thoughtful gift that gives back and can hold deep meaning for an earth-loving person. 

Final Thoughts

With these excellent retirement gift ideas, you’ll now know there are many ways to spoil your employee as they head off into retirement.  

The critical point to remember is to gift them something suited to their personality and the stage they are entering in their life. Above all, make it personal and heartfelt so the person is reminded of their tenure with your organization.

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