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Eight Hubspot Employee Benefits That Make It A Great Place To Work

June 7, 2022
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Hubspot employee benefits are some of the most coveted in the tech industry. The company gives employees space to get their work done and provides them with room for extra freedom, both of which have proven to be profitable business strategies. Spurring this to some degree is the remote work boom and increasing availability of great perks and rewards that act as incentives for top talent.

In this article, we look at what Hubspot employees are raving about. You may well find the ideas resonate and are options for your own up-and-coming team.

Hubspot Employee Benefits To Replicate For Your Own Business

1. Remote Work

Hubspot perks are in line with the remote work norm. Hubspot has a hybrid strategy that allows employees to pick the work arrangement that best suits them on any given day. It's especially helpful for people who need to come into the office for a meeting or need a quiet area to work for the day.

Employees can choose from three flexible work alternatives under the hybrid model: they can work at the office, at home, or at flex, depending on what they want.

Those who work at home spend most of their time there. While they visit a HubSpot office once or twice a quarter, their homes are essentially their headquarters. 

HubSpot then makes sure that their work-from-home setup is safe, secure, and successful.

Those who would rather work at the office spend three or more days each week at one of HubSpot's worldwide offices. A separate workstation for work equipment such as a laptop, monitor, plants, and anything else distinguishes the workspace from others. 

Employees who would rather mix it up can choose the flex option where they go into a HubSpot office two or fewer days per week. The company assigns a "hotel desk"  and even assists with a work-from-home set up to make the person feel more comfortable.

2. Vacation Time

The focus on employee autonomy is a significant driver of HubSpot culture. Hubspot benefits are legendary, and the fact that HubSpot allows employees to take as many vacation days as they want is exceptional. 

HubSpot wants to remove the stress of taking time off and the need to get permission by requiring employees to just "exercise good judgment" while using vacation time. 

And there's no need to wait! Employees are entitled to unlimited vacation time from the start.

Employees can use their vacation time to go on exotic excursions or flexible day-to-day activities. They also have Vacation Quota Relief to ensure that everyone has access to it.

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3. Paid Parental Leave

All U.S. employees are legally entitled to 12 weeks of unpaid leave for the birth or adoption of a child after working one year and 1,250 hours. However, there is no law requiring firms to give paid maternity leave. In this case, Hubspot perks go against the grain by offering paid leave.

This benefit is crucial because so few companies offer something reasonable; those that do stand out. HubSpot is one of those organizations. It provides three months of maternity leave and one month of paternity leave.

In addition, the company offers egg-freezing services to support women with greater flexibility and control over family planning. 

4. Sabbatical

A sabbatical is typically a longer break from work than a vacation. Employers can offer unpaid or paid sabbaticals, but they almost always promise that an employee's position will stay open until the person returns.

After five years with HubSpot, employees are eligible for a four-week paid sabbatical and a $5,000 bonus. Some employees go on family holidays, while others learn to play a musical instrument or backpack across Europe.

5. Tuition

Hubspot invests in its employees’ education. Each person gets an equivalent of $5,000 per year to spend on education. Courses include everything from finance to design, and can be taken in semester-long programs, weekend workshops, and online courses.

6. Retirement Plan

A 401k is the most common type of retirement account offered by employers. According to a national poll of small businesses, 94 percent of small business owners believe that giving a 401k helps them recruit and retain employees.

HubSpot rises above the rest in this regard. They are truly stating that their employees' future is equally as important as their own by matching employee contributions at a rate of 12 percent.

7. Fitness

Promoting workplace wellness has been shown to increase productivity and reduce employee turnover. Investing part of your company's funds in your employees' health and well-being can also help you save money on long-term healthcare bills.

HubSpot perks include fitness reimbursement, nutrition consulting, training on mindfulness, stress management, and other topics. This is in addition to offering healthy snack options in the workplace.

8. Employee Stock Purchase

Employees can purchase HubSpot stock at a discount to the current share price. The funds are used to buy HubSpot stock at a 15% discount by donating between 1% and 15% of their base pay for a fixed period of time.

Final Thoughts

Hubspot provides fantastic benefits to support a remote working environment and work-life balance. In turn, it has managed to increase employee satisfaction and lower turnover rates. It’s a fact - Hubspot employees are some of the happiest in the world.

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