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Four FedEx Perks and Benefits the Company Offers Its Employees

August 11, 2022
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If you’re wondering about the FedEx perks that the company offers its employees, you’ve come to the right place. The company provides competitive benefits and perks that attract new talent and help it retain its top performers. 

In general, FedEx’s package aims to nurture employee happiness, efficiency, and general wellbeing. Keep reading to find out what FedEx employees stand to gain when working for the transport company. Who knows, you may well find some ideas to shape your own offering if you’re in the same industry. 

Four Impressive FedEx Perks & Benefits For Employees

1. Several Financial Benefits

FedEx offers a variety of financial employee benefits. This is to set its workers up with the income they need for retirement and help them to support their families comfortably.

Benefits include a 401(k) plan that enables employees to save up to 4% of their salary, with FedEx matching 50% of their contribution. In addition to this, employees get a low-cost life insurance plan.

The company’s financial perks extend into family life. When an employee adopts a child, FedEx covers the costs of the court and adoption for single parents and families. 

Transport is paid for too, and those who commute to work can get reimbursement for their parking, bus, and rail expenses.

When it comes to injury or illness, FedEx provides short-term disability coverage with pay replacement for a set amount of time. 

Finally, employees who go above and beyond or fulfill particular performance targets set by the company can also receive pay bonuses.

2. Health Insurance

FedEx takes care of its employees' medical needs and emergencies, too. The Ground division has a group insurance or benefits program for which the company pays the entire premium amount. Employees become eligible to claim extended dental and health coverage after they’ve worked there for 90 days.

The FedEx healthcare plan not only covers the employee but their family as well. It covers hospital stays, surgical procedures, and routine health care. 

The dental plan covers preventative care and specialist dental work for employees and their dependents, while the vision plan pays for vision-related medical equipment and vision exams. 

Mental health has come to the fore over the last year, and FedEx recognizes this. It cares about workers’ mental health and gives employees unrestricted access to counselors to discuss work-related and personal concerns. 

Employees can also contribute a specific percentage of their income to a tax-free HSA, which they can use to pay for qualified medical expenses.

3. Paid Leave

FedEx believes that life is about more than simply work. As part of its FedEx perks, the organization offers paid leave benefits to cover a variety of life challenges and needs. This includes relocation, child education, hospitalization, and more.

The accumulation of vacation time and salary begins on the day FedEx welcomes a new employee. Employees can claim this reward after six months of continuous service. Every permanent employee of the organization is entitled to eleven days of paid vacation per year.

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4. Discounts

All FedEx employees, their families, and close friends are eligible for a variety of unrivaled employee discounts. They receive discounts on numerous travel and vacation products, like aircraft tickets, hotel stays, and travel insurance.

Employees also receive special discounts on movies, malls, sports zones, golf clubs, amusement parks, publications, newspapers, and more. 

Useful to know is that the special discounts can contribute to car maintenance. Workers can use them for car insurance, auto loans for new and used vehicles, service, replacement parts, roadside assistance, tires, and batteries.

Adding to this useful discount bank are perks for household items. This includes internet and cable subscriptions, newspaper and magazine subscriptions, and home cleaning and maintenance products and services. 

Final Thoughts

FedEx perks are designed by the company to be a great value proposition to attract and retain talent. Their workforce gets access to a range of benefits, including financial planning and incentives, discounts, medical care and support, and comprehensive discounts to cover everyday expenses.

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